Big changes for 2017!

New locations!

For its 8th edition, the Brussels Comic Strip Festival is reinventing itself. Indeed, this year the Festival is setting aside its marquees and expanding into some outstanding spaces while remaining free of charge. BOZAR, the magnificent Palais des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles, will take part in the festivities by serving as a playground for the Brussels Comic Strip Festival on 1, 2, and 3 September 2017 in addition to Parc de Bruxelles.  These two locations play off of each other very well due to their close proximity, making the Festival even better. Visitors will be able to enjoy the exceptional BOZAR setting as they attend conferences and screenings during the day. They can also stroll from the Palace to the Park in search of autographs.

  • Atomium Prize launch, the most generous prizes in Europe!

    This year, as part of its 8th edition, the Brussels Comic Strip Festival will award Atomium Prizes for the Comic Strip for the first time ever.

    Comic strip creation has slackened in recent years. It has become difficult for comic strip professionals to earn a proper living., Brussels Comic Strip Festival organiser, in close cooperation with the Brussels-Capital Region, wishes to note its support for creative endeavour and consolidate existing initiatives by awarding prizes that, for the most part, will be payable in cash in order to help the winners finance their work.

    Eight prizes have already been confirmed for the 2017 edition, totalling €100,000! The patron of this first edition of the 2017 Atomium Prizes is author Jean-David Morvan.

  • Jean-David Morvan, patron of the Atomium Prizes

    Since he is at the crossroads of different cultures and markets, Jean-David Morvan is the ideal person to preside over the first edition of the Atomium Prizes, which will be awarded at Bozar.

    Jean-David Morvan will be on hand in his living-room throughout the Brussels Comic Strip Festival. He will do what he usually does: He will work from his couch, use social media every which way, discuss his work, and interview his main contributors. His contributors will come and show him (as well as the audience) their new panels, answer questions, improvise autograph sessions and other spectacular performances. Don't forget to stop by and have a coffee with Morvan from 1 to 3 September… in his living-room!

  • Gaston is turning 60!

    2017 commemorates  Gaston's 60th birthday! To mark the occasion, the Spirou Festival is inviting the famous lazybones to the Brussels Comic Strip Festival. That's all he needed to leave his mark everywhere: on the event poster, in the Balloon's Day Parade, in the conference rooms and even in an exhibition.