International Pavilion

International Pavilion

HALL B – Stands B1 à B11

Belgium is incredibly proud of its comic strip heritage, but it’s not the only country with vibrant and active track record in the ninth art. 17 foreign cultural representations will be present in the International Pavilion to present the best of their art and be part of a privileged moment.

    • The EUNIC (European National Institutes for Culture) Brussels countries: The Basque Country, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Luxembourg, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Turkey)
      The members of the European National Institutes for Culture invite you to discover their country’s comic strip heritage. On top of a common exhibition, conferences and signing sessions, each country will also be offering workshops.
      Activities planning
      • Camões, Portugal (Camões Institute)
        Portuguese artist Paulo Monteiro offers a workshop for budding artists aged 12 to 18 years old. The workshop, “Comment faire de la BD sans savoir dessiner?” will be held in French. Saturday 15 September at 11:00.
      • Latvia (Embassy of Latvia, in the framework of the Centenary celebrations of Latvia)
        Three young comic strip artists - Lote Vilma Vītiņa, Mārtiņš Zutis and Rebeka Lukošus – offer a workshop for young comic strip fans aged 6 to 10 years old. Together with the artists, the children will create a short comic strip. The workshop will be held in English. Saturday 15 September at 12:30.
      • Poland (Polish Institute)
        Artist Berenika Kołomycka offers a workshop entitled “Colours and emotions in comic strips” for children aged 9 and over. She invites them to understand the importance of colour in comic strips and how to use then to express emotions.  Saturday 15 September at 14:00.
      • Hungary (Balassi Institute – Cultural Service of the Hungarian embassy)
        Thanks to a 3D app, artists Levente Németh, Attila Futaki and János Mészáros turn a printed page interactive during their “How a comic strip character can come to life in your smartphone?” (in English). Saturday 15 September at 15:30.
      • Estonia (Permanent Representation of Estonia to the European Union)
        Artists Maarika Martins, Anna Ring and Anna Eespere offer a wild workshop based on spontaneity and the unpredictable which often leads to creative discoveries! Held in English, open to all ages. Saturday 15 September at 17:00.
      • Turkey (Yunus Emre Institute)
        Artists Özcan Özcan and Arzu Akbulut present miniature art. They will present this incredibly precise ancient technique thanks to minutely detailed drawings of birds that were inspired by their latest creation, “Songs of the Birds - Mantıkut-Tayr’’. Saturday 15 September at 18:30.
      • The Basque Country (Etxepare Basque Institute)
        Basque artist Begoña Durruty offers a workshop for the festival’s youngest visitors entitled “Fans de dessins” in French. Sunday 16 September at 11:00.
      • Romania (Romanian Cultural Institute Brussels)
        The workshop “Creative Visual Stories” offered by Mircea Pop invites participants to discover, experiment, follow, or even break the rules of comic strip creation, thanks to digital drawing. Held in English, this workshop is open to all ages. Sunday 16 September at 12:30.
      • Czech Republic (Czech Centre Brussels)
        Jonáš Ledecký offers a workshop entitled “Karel Čapek in comic strips” based on the adaptation of the stories that will be publish this September. In English. Sunday 16 September at 14:00.
      • Luxembourg (Embassy of Luxembourg in Brussels)
        Luxemburgish artists will be present on all three days of the festival for signing sessions and will take part in several discussions being held in the International Pavilion.
    • “Re-Animate Europe” – International Comic Competition 2017
      The EU has experienced easier times. The European heartbeat has lost its rhythm. How can we get Europe back on its feet? What can we do to “Re-Animate Europe” ? These are the questions the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom asked comic artists and graphic novelists from all over the world in the third round of their international comic competition “Animate Europe”. 75 artists from 24 countries sent in their forward-looking and inspiring ideas on how Europe can regain its energy.
      The original artwork of the seven finalists is presented in this exhibition. Their works are as diverse in artistic style as they are in approach and narrative. Come by and take a look yourself! For more info about the competition :

      The Swiss cartoonist and finalist of the international comic competition « Animate Europe 2017 », Mr Stefan Haller, will be present on Saturday afternoon, from 2pm, and Sunday morning until 1pm, to do Urban Sketching at the stand.
    • Alifbata (Arabic comic strip)
      Marseille-based publishing house specialising in translating and publishing comic book authors from North Africa and the Middle East, Alfibata, unveils the catalogue of the “Nouvelle génération: la bande dessinée arabe aujourd’hui” (The new generation: Arab comics today) exhibition, which showcases more than 40 comic strip authors from Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia. Alifbata focuses on the work of Barrack Rima through an exhibition of original strips and an autograph session.
    • South Korea (Korean Cultural Center in Brussels)
      The Korean Cultural Center presents children’s exhibition “Childhood - Where is your heart now?”, which includes the work of four Korean comic strip artists: YOON Seungun, HA Minseok, HONG Seungwoo and SOBOGI. The authors, present for autographs, will offer drawing shows throughout the weekend.
      Saturday 15 sept. from 16.00 to 16.20 : drawing show & autographs of YOON Seungwoon, HA Minseok, HONG Seungwoo and Soboky
      Saturday 15 sept. from 16.20 to 17.00: autographs of YOON Seungwoon & HA MinseokSunday 16 sept. from 16.00 to 17.00: autographs of HONG Seungwoon & Soboky
    • Egypte (TokTok Mag)
      What is a Tok Tok? Tok Toks are the dangerous and noisy black-and-yellow scooters that are the preferred way of getting around Cairo’s working-class neighbourhoods. The name Tok Tok comes from the noise made by their engines.
      And TokTok Mag ? It was in a climate of social revolt that the first issue of review TokTok appeared in January 2011. The quarterly review spoke of the daily reality of life in Egypt, covering both the comic and the tragic. TokTok Mag presents original strips, limited edition posters, the magazine in Arabic and some of the best bits in French.
    • Réunion (éditions des Bulles dans l'Océan)
      An independent publishing house created 8 years ago, Editions des Bulles Dans l’Océan aims to promote young budding artists. Come and discover the work of these artists from this little corner of paradise and meet them during the signing sessions.
    • Italy (Lucca Comics & Games by LUCCA CREA srl & Istituto Italiano di Cultura)
      For quite some years, Lucca Comics & Games has brought Italian “fumetti” to Brussels. This year three artists will meet their Belgian readers and sign their books: Fabio Civitelli, one of the main artists working on Tex Willer, the long-lived icon of Italian comics; Salvatore Callerami, author of the fantasy-comedy Dandelion; and finally, returning Riccardo Pieruccini will present his last Prussians vs Aliens steampunk spoof.
    • Havana, Algiers en Moscow (Maison Autrique)
      Comic books are everywhere in Brussels. Less so in Havana, Moscow or Algiers. This popular art form, conducive to expressing anything, including cultural heritage, is due a renaissance. Without overlooking serious studies and scientific publications dedicated to the subject, Maison Autrique wanted to play its part by providing a dimension which is imaginary yet still based on realities which are often hidden but always experienced.
      Maison Autrique offers an exhibition on “Kronikas 2” and signing sessions with authors from Brussels, Algiers and Havana (Etienne Schréder, Jeroen Janssen, Thierry Mondelaers, Rémi Desmosts, Izquierdo, Lysbeth Dauont-Robles…).

      + Conference : "Kronikas 2 : Algiers-Brussels-Havana-Moscow " - Saturday 15/09 11am to 12pm - FR
      « Of course, comic book culture is firmly established in Brussels. This is much less true of Havana, Moscow or Algiers. So we have another new beginning ! This time, however, it involves a popular art form that lends itself to themes of every kind, including heritage. While being fully aware of the serious studies and academic publications devoted to this subject, we have sought to make our own unassuming contribution by introducing a dimension that is certainly imaginary, but is nonetheless based on realities that are sometimes concealed yet always experienced.» Speakers : Etienne Schréder, Jeroen Janssen, Lysbeth Daumont, Alex Izquierdo, Anna Karmazina, Micha Khachaturov, Thierry Tinlot (moderator).
    • Sterling Books
      Find a huge range of English-language comics at the stand of Sterling Books, the independent English bookshop open in the centre of Brussels since 1997. We’ve brought a special expanded selection of over 600 graphic novels to the festival, from acclaimed literary works to superhero classics, Neil Gaiman to Alison Bechdel, ‘V for Vendetta’ to ‘Black Panther’, and the brand new sensation ‘Sabrina’, the first ever graphic novel to be nominated for the Booker Prize. We'll be happy to offer some recommendations and show you some of the very best comics from the UK and the US. And visit our main shop at Rue du Fossé aux Loups 23 for a large range of all kinds of fiction and non-fiction, all hand-picked by our friendly team of book-lovers.
    • Other conferences in the International Pavilion