Publisher's Corner

Publisher's Corner

Every year, the top publishers set up shop at the Comic Festival ready to wow their fans with a fantastic programme. With hundreds of authors signing autographs, animations for the little ones, conferences for the not‑so‑little ones, all kinds of competitions and much more, there is something here for everyone!

  • Standaard Uitgeverij

    HALL A, Stand A5

    Standaard Publishers (Standaard Uitgeverij) is coming to the Comic Strip Festival for the first time and is putting its biggest comic series F.C. De Kampioenen (F.C. The Champions) in the spotlight. The 100th album is coming out on 13 September, a reason to celebrate at Belgium’s largest comic strip festival.

    Visitors can immerse themselves in the world of The Champions. Among other things, there will be a meet & greet event with the actors and the illustrator and a cosy reading corner. In addition, purchased comic strips can be signed at the stand.

  • Ballon Media

    HALL A, Stand A6

    Looking for Dutch-language comic strips? Then be sure to visit the Ballon Media stand. For Dutch-speaking comic fans, as usual Ballon Media provides the very best of what Belgian comics have to offer. Jommeke, Robbedoes Special, Baba Yega, Thorgal, XIII, Largo Winch, magnificent graphic novels, one-shot treasures and more must-read titles. Enjoy top-notch sessions, meet Jommeke and participate in the large raffle and win great comic prizes!


  • Stripgids – Pulp Deluxe – Stripgilde

    HALL A, Stand A4

    Stripgids, Pulp deLuxe and the Independent Flemish Comics Association Stripgilde are joining forces to provide an irresistible offer of Dutch- and English-language magazines, books and rarities. If you want to gain more insight into the ins and outs of comics in Flanders (and far beyond), you know where to go. On Saturday the winner of the 2018 Brass Adhemar (Bronzen Adhemar) will be signing autographs between 2pm and 4pm at the stand.

  • Dargaud

    HALL A, Stand A23

    Les Vieux Fourneaux

    With more than a million copies sold, Les Vieux Fourneaux is still giving us something to talk about. Meet your favourites around the Loup en Slip truck in Brussels Park with a whole host of surprises and activities as well as a screening of Christophe Duthuron’s film as part of the Comic Strip Festival. A hilarious feel-good movie in keeping with the rest of the series. Definitely one not to be missed!

    Batman come to life!

    Enrico Marini will be doing a life-sized live drawing of Batman and Joker. A tribute to the two main characters from his breathtaking two-volume graphic novel: Batman, The Dark Prince Charming. Don’t miss the chance to see the artist at work. You might be in for a pleasant surprise...

    Exhibition: Charlotte Impératrice

    Fabien Nury and Matthieu Bonhomme capture the history of Carlota of Mexico for a new series with a gripping storyline and vivid artwork. The chance to get a closer look at the work of Matthieu Bonhomme with a selection of reproductions of his comic strips. On at the Dargaud stand.

    Kids’ space and live drawings

    A space just for kids based on their favourite characters. Emma et Capucine, La Famille Blaireau Renard, Le Loup en Slip, Boule et Bill, Lucky Luke and many more will be there with free face painting, readings, workshops, light tables for drawing like the best, a mural for budding artists to decorate and lots and lots of prizes.

    You can also admire the artists at work as their autograph sessions will be broadcast on big screens.

    That’s not all!

    We have been working tirelessly to make this edition of the Comic Strip Festival an unforgettable memory. Follow Dargaud on our social media to make sure you don’t miss any posts about our official programme and the exact times your favourite artists will be there.
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  • Spirou Festival

    HALL D, Stand D13

    As part of the Comic Strip Festival, Éditions Dupuis will be at Brussels Park for the 5th Spirou Festival
    Take part in signings, workshops, exhibitions, debates, win prizes, meet artists and part of the editorial team at Spirou magazine and Éditions Dupuis, and even discover exclusive news.

    There will be more than 40 artists there, including: Bailly, Batem, Bercovici, Bravo, Collin, Dairin, Dan, Darasse, Del, Delaf, De Pins, Dodier, Domecq, Dubuc, Erre, Feroumont, Findakly, Fortin, Fournier, Hardy, Henriet, Janry, Johan, Jousselin, Kox, Libon, Munuera, Obion, Frank Pé, Pico, Reynès, Savoia, Schwartz, Sowa, Sti, Tome, Toussaint, Trondheim and Vehlmann.

  • Le Lombard

    HALL A, Stand A1

    Ducobu & Léonie are back: Fundraiser fête

    The Saint-Potache school will once again be celebrating this Saturday and Sunday at the Lombard stand. There will be a fête organised by Ducobu, assisted by his long-standing rival and companion, Léonie. A giant memory game, a wheel of fortune, games of skill, a coconut shy and plenty of other activities that kids will love. Take part to collect points and win goodies in the colours of your favourite schoolkids. But be careful—the Latouche crew are never far away...

    Timo l’Aventurier: Treasure hunt – adventure time with Timo!

    To coincide with the release of Timo l’Aventurier, set off on an expedition through Brussels Park to discover the Timo universe and characters and and experience a true adventure alongside the brave little hero. What’s more, there will be Timo posters and goodies to be won. So, hurry up, get your backpack and get ready for an adventure! (meeting point at the entertainment area at the Lombard stand)

    Klaw: Treasure hunt – The Dizhi’s quest

    Who is this mysterious tiger/man who tirelessly protects you from danger? Why are all of your classmates and teachers scared of you? Step into the shoes of Ange Tomassini for a treasure hunt to unlock the secret of your hidden power. Will you be able to wake the Dizhi in you?
    Inspired by the monumental series, this treasure hunt will take you through the Comic Strip Festival to discover clues which, once pieced together, will allow you to awaken your supernatural Dizhi power. What’s more, there will be Klaw posters and goodies to be won, so don’t miss out! (meeting point at the entertainment area at the Lombard stand)

    Our heroes invade the park!

    From the moment you enter the park there will be several exhibitions on Lombard heroes. From Gagner la Guerre, the comic adaptation of the cult French fantasy; Irons, a chilling and puzzling police thriller; and the hard-hitting album from Jean Van Hamme and Christophe Simon, Kivu, you will learn more about the process of making a comic book, as well as about the worlds these albums portray.

    The exhibitions will be located around the Lombard stand in Brussels Park.


    Live drawings, a kids’ adventure trail, a forest space based on our favourite characters, a reading corner, and a whole lot more!

  • Glénat

    HALL C, Stand C23

    At its stand, Glénat has created an amazing children’s play area while adults will be able to attend a talk by Jade Lagardère, the artist behind Amber Blake, the comic strip that she wrote the script for (cartoonist : Butch Guice).

    Also, head to BOZAR to see the free exhibition ‘Dickie - Vous ne pourrez plus le voir en peinture !!!’: “Everyone knows Dickie, the little farmer who wrecks everything he touches. Now that he has caught up with history, cinema, fairytales and science fiction, Dickie is coming to the museum. From cave paintings to modern art via Renaissance and Impressionist masterpieces, rediscover Picasso, Van Gogh, da Vinci, Hockney and Mondrian revisited in the style of Dickie. Once again, Pieter de Poortere uses his unparalleled eye for the trashy and absurd to give us a series of silent gags featuring Dickie’s hilarious escapades as he explores the biggest masterpieces in the history of art. With Dickie, art is anything but boring! “

  • Kennes

    HALL D, Stand D4

    Kennes Wheel of Fortune

    Spin the wheel for just €1 and walk away with a book (chosen from a selection). It's always a winner!

    Friday, 14 September: 5 PM – 7 PM
    Saturday, 15 September: 10 AM - 12 PM and 2 - 5 PM
    Sunday, 16 September: 10 AM - 12 PM and 2 - 5 PM

    Excerpt mania!

    Want a glimpse of what you'll read next? Help yourself to the free excerpts on offer at the Kennes booth.

  • Groupe Paquet

    HALL C, Stand C20

    The Groupe Paquet is pleased to participate once again at the Brussels Comic Strip Festival!

    Come meet their authors (Francesco Castelli, Olivier Speltens, Stefano Tamiazzo, André Taymans, Georges van Linthout, Etienne Willem, etc.) who will be delighted to autograph their albums. Kids will enjoy themselves in the world of Petzi, with an exhibition dedicated to this endearing little bear.

  • Bamboo Editions & Fluide Glacial

    HALL D, Stand D1

    Spirou and Fluide Glacial magazines go to war!
    The last few months have seen a strange tension dictate relations between SPIROU and FLUIDE GLACIAL, two monuments of the comic strip periodical press. Thierry Tinlot, former editor-in-chief of both comic institutions, has a privileged insight into the conflict and is offering an improv match at the Brussels Comic Strip Festival! There’s only one way to attack this subject: with humour! Comedians and illustrators will defend the honours of both magazines. Berco and Munuera have been talked about for team Spirou, with Jean-Christophe Chauzy and Ju CDM representing Fluide… that’s if the magazines haven’t torn each other apart before then!

    Throughout the entire festival, the artists of both magazines will be going between the Festival Spirou and Fluide Glacial stands to offer unique cross-cutting sessions.

  • Casterman

    HALL C, Stand C1


    To celebrate 70 years of Alix, Éditions Casterman will put on two exhibitions in collaboration with, the Cinquantenaire Art and History Museum and the Belgian Comic Strip Centre (CBBD).

    The first, Alix – L’art De Jacques Martin (the Art of Jacques Martin), which will run from 15/09 to 31/12 2018, is an adapted version of the exhibition by the not-for-profit organisation 9e Art, the Angoulême International Comics Festival and la Cité internationale de la bande dessinée et de l’image. Around one hundred originals from the pioneer of historical comics will be juxtaposed with pieces from the collections of the royal museum.

    The second, Alix - Veni, Vidi, Vici, will be at the Gallery at the CBBD from 4 September to 14 October 2018 with strips from the new album from the Alix series created by David B and Giorgio Albertini. An unexpected duo who are passionate about history and have been fans of Alix, the Gaulish hero created by Jacques Martin in 1948, since childhood.

    Meetings with Casterman artists

    “Seuls dans la ville” (“Alone in the city”) with Zeina Abirached and Medhi Kassou (Friday 14 September – 17:00 to 17:45)
    In response to Europe's migration crisis, we try to understand what these men, women and children are going through, who—like the heroes of “Seuls”—must often learn to survive in the very heart of our cities.

    “Autour d’Alix et de Jacques Martin” (“About Alix and Jacques Martin”) with Valérie Mangin, David B and Giorgio Albertini (Saturday 15 from 11:00 to 11:45)
    Latinist, historian and scriptwriter Valérie Mangin will join writers David B and Giorgio Albertini to explore the famous figure whose 70th anniversary we will celebrate this year. They will present the series Alix and Alix Senator and how they relate to history and fiction past and present.

    “Renouveler la Bd érotique” (“Reinventing erotic comics”) with Aude Mermilliod, Jean-Louis Tripp and Pierre-Yves Wauthier (Saturday 15 from 21:00 to 21:45)
    Long banished to the shameful upper shelves of bookshops, the erotic comics genre still seems to be struggling to shake off its seedy reputation. What new paths will it take to reinvent itself and adapt to 21st-century sexual practices?

    Artists present:

    Zeina Abirached , Georgio Albertini, Léonie Bischoff, Maryse and Jean-François Charles, David B, Mathilde Domecq , Mathias Enard, Vittorio Giardino, Hardoc, Philippe Jarbinet, Augustin Lebon, Valérie Mangin, Rudi Miel, Nicolas Moog, Vincent Perriot, Fabienne Pigière, Yves Plateau, Régric, Gilles Rochier, Florent Silloray, Lili Sohn, Paul Teng, Jean-Louis Tripp, Nicolas Vande Walle, Loïc Verdier.

  • KANA

    HalL A, Stand A08

    Kana will be present for the 5th edition at the Brussels Comic Strip Festival. In collaboration with Belgotaku, the French publisher will host an exhibition of plates from the series Retour aux Sources, a magnificent manhua about the initiatory journey and Taiwanese folklore!

    Come and (re)discover manga classics such as Death Note, Naruto and Monster, as well as novelties of 2019, such as the thriller Fool's Paradise, the beauty of Taiyô Matsumoto's drawings in Le Rêve de mon père and the oppressive Contamination. Come on over and discover, the entire team will be delighted to show you around.