Sow & Screening

  • Comic strip IMPRO Match

  • SPIROU vs FLUIDE GLACIAL: the clash !

    The last few months have seen a strange tension dictate relations between SPIROU and FLUIDE GLACIAL, two monuments of the comic strip periodical press. Thierry Tinlot, former editor-in-chief of both comic institutions, has a privileged insight into the conflict and is offering an improv match at the Brussels Comic Strip Festival! There’s only one way to attack this subject: with humour! Comedians and illustrators will defend the honours of both magazines. Berco and Munuera have been talked about for team Spirou, with Jean-Christophe Chauzy and Ju CDM representing Fluide… that’s if the magazines haven’t torn each other apart before then!

    In collaboration with the Ligue d’Improvisation Belge Professionnelle.

    Time and venue: Saturday 15 September at 18:00 - Salle M de BOZAR
    Price: €9 for adults and €6 for -12s
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  • Special “Les Vieux Fourneaux” screening

  • Directed by Christophe Duthuron
    Starring: Pierre Richard, Eddy Mitchell, Roland Giraud and Alice Pol
    Based on the comic strip by Wilfrid Lupano and Paul Cauuet, published by Editions Dargaud.
    Script: Wilfrid Lupano


    The film adaptation of comic strip phenomenon “Les Vieux Fourneaux”, created by Wilfrid Lupano and Paul Cauuet will be in theatres on 22 August 2018. For the occasion, the Comic Strip Festival invites you to a special screening, in the presence of the comic strip’s authors!

    “Childhood friends Pierrot, Mimile and Antoine, are now 70 years old and have realised that getting old was the only way to not die and are determined to do it in style! Their reunion at Antoine’s wife Lucette’s funeral, is short-lived… Antoine comes across a letter that makes him lose his head! Without any explanation to his friends, he leaves their hometown in the Tarn and heads to Tuscanny.  Pierrot, Mimile and Sophie, Antoine’s granddaughter, who is heavily pregnant, chase after him in the hope of stopping him from committing a crime of passion, fifty years after the event!”

    In collaboration with Editions Dargaud and Athena Films.

    Times and venue: Saturday 15 September at 14:00 - Salle M in BOZAR
    Price: €7 for adults and €5 for -12s
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