The Atomium Prizes

This year, as part of its 8th edition, the Brussels Comic Strip Festival will award Atomium Prizes for the Comic Strip for the first time ever.

Comic strip creation has slackened in recent years. It has become difficult for comic strip professionals to earn a proper living., Brussels Comic Strip Festival organiser, in close cooperation with the Brussels-Capital Region, wishes to note its support for creative endeavour and consolidate existing initiatives by awarding prizes that, for the most part, will be payable in cash in order to help the winners finance their work.

Seven prizes have already been confirmed for the 2017 edition, totalling €100,000! The patron of this first edition of the 2017 Atomium Prizes is author Jean-David Morvan.

The Raymond Leblanc Prize for Young Creators

Endowment: €20,000 in cash plus a publishing contract from Editions du Lombard and Editions Futuropolis on a rotating basis.
Purpose: a comic strip competition intended to reward the work of a young author who has published no more than two albums

The Raymond Leblanc Prizes were established ten years ago by the Raymond Leblanc Foundation whose purpose is to gather, preserve, and spread the word about the cultural heritage put together by Raymond Leblanc, who founded, among other things, "Tintin" Magazine, Editions du Lombard, the Publiart adverstising agency, and the Belvision cartoon studios.
The 2017 winner will receive the sum of €10,000 with the support of the French Community Commission (COCOF), prize awarded by Minister of Culture Fadila Laanan. In addition, the winner will be given a publishing contract for his or her work with Futuropolis, which includes €10,000 guaranteed in advance of any other royalties.

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The Wallonia-Brussels Federation Comic Strip Prize

Endowment: €10,000
Purpose:  At the initiative of Ms. Alda Gréoli, Minister of Culture of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, this prize is intended to reward the work of Wallonia-Brussels Federation author(s) who have created an original and innovative project.

The prize is awarded based on a proposal from the Comic Strip Aid Commission, a body of culture critics comprised of industry professionals.
The selection of the award-winner(s) is based on applications submitted following "calls for comic strip projects" regularly issued by the General Department of Letters and Books, General Administration of Culture.

FB: "pubic support for comic strips."
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The Spirou Prize for Humorous Adventure

Endowment: € 15,000 in cash plus publication in the SPIROU Journal.
Purpose: The Spirou Prize for Humorous Adventure is a comic strip competition intended to reward the author(s) of a 44-page humorous adventure story in the tradition of the great series published in the Spirou Journal since its founding in 1938.

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The Brussels Atomium Prize

Endowment: € 7,500 in cash
Purpose: a new prize created this year, the Brussels Prize awarded by Mr. Rudi Vervoort, President-Minister of the Brussels Region, recognises an album who featured Brussels on a creative, moving or oginal way.

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The Graphic Novel PREM1ERE Prize

Endowment: € 20,000 in publishing space, as well as significant editorial support.
Purpose: the RTBF (French Community Belgian Radio-Television) is launching this new prize in 2017 rewarding a genre in tune with PREM1ERE listeners. Based on a list of finalists determined by journalists specialising in comic strips at the RTBF, a panel (comprised of listeners, booksellers, and RTBF personalities) will will render their verdict.

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The Cognito Prize for historical comic strips

Endowment: € 3,000 in cash
Purpose:  the Cognito Prize for historical comic strips is awarded by the Cognito Foundation and recognises the best comic strip of a historical nature. The private Cognito Foundation focuses on discovering or rediscovering history through comic strips. It holds this competition to honour authors who succeeded in shining a spotlight on events of the past through their work.

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The LE SOIR Prize for comic strip reporting

Endowment: € 20,000 in publishing space, as well as significant editorial support.
Purpose: The Belgian daily Le Soir has always been one of the newspapers of record for comic strips. With this new prize it decided to recognise the work that, each year, deals with the world around us in the form of a comic strip report.

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