Here we will share a variety of actions and ideas and walk you through how you can enhance your sustainable reach!

What we wanted to achieve: Our objectives for EAS 2019

Events take a heavy toll on our environment and society. They can generate significant waste, put a strain on local resources like water or energy. That’s why, for the 2019’s edition of European Association Summit we decided to highlight different means to achieve a sustainable event.

During the two days of the summit, we had a sustainability approach though the whole event organisation. Thanks to our PCO - MCI - we operated for this EAS edition with sustainability in mind, working with suppliers to minimise the environmental impact of the activities.

While green meeting practice requires some logistical efforts, we wanted to show you that it is possible to put in place different processes to reach sustainability goals. By better understanding the definition of green meetings, we were confident that every little step for an organisation will be a giant leap for the mankind.

Here we will share a variety of actions and ideas and walk you through how you can enhance your sustainable reach. Implementing smart, sustainable practices can help to minimise cost, conserve energy and reduce waste.

Above all, we wanted to propose an innovative event experience while engaging you in this green mission, dear attendees!

  • How we achieved these goals: Our strategy is taking climate change very seriously and committed to organize the EAS in the most possible sustainable way (discover the Policy and the KPIs).

    Our strategy was built on 3 topics:

    1. Waste: raise awareness about recycling and avoid waste. Have a look at this article to learn more about it!
    2. Raise awareness: take in this adventure our partners (coming, hotel, catering) and the teams of in order to make it easier to invite people to become aware. Want to read more about it? Then click here to read the whole article! 
    3. Carbon offset: We pledged to offset the carbon emissions linked to the event and we wanted to contribute to it. With the money raised, we made a donation to the Sun for Schools organization. More information about the carbon offset here!

    Based on this strategy, read below and in our Latest News our sustainable approaches and actions!

    Sustainable report of the EAS 2019 event

    Now that the European Association Summit 2019 has passed, we are very proud to present the report of the sustainable results of the event. Based on the Sustainability policy of EAS 2019, ie to minimize waste, encourage recycling, raise awareness by involving the partners and waited and the willingness to offset the carbon emissions linked to the event, we were able to analyse and calculate our results.

    Discover the report and our sustainable achievements here.

    We warmly thanks to our partners, MCI, L’Atelier des Tanneurs, The Square, Sun for Schools and the Martins Hotel for supporting and helping us achieving our sustainability objectives, and for providing the necessary data to produce this report.

    Our special thanks go to Mélanie Delaplanche, Sustainability consultant, which accompanied us, helped us and supported in the setting up of a event eco-responsible as possible and prepared this report.

  • With whom we achieved these goals: Our partners

  • Sun for Schools is a green solution that assists schools with the installation, maintenance and 100% financing for their green energy production.
    Additionally, they engage the community and increase awareness among the future generations about the environmental challenges.

    The three main goals are to reduce the school’s environmental impact, save money on their electricity bills starting year one and mobilize and inspire the next generation on new ways to live sustainably. More info

  • The Martin's Hotels sustainable development project

    The will of Martin's Hotels is to grow by acting for future generations, while caring for its customers, ensuring the well-being of its staff members, supporting humanitarian and social causes, and preserving the real estate heritage and the environment. Discover their actions in the brochure and on the website Tomorrow Needs Today.

  • Square

    Square Brussels Meeting Centre is located io the “Mont des Arts “: the cultural & art district, near the Grand Place in the historic heart of Brussels, with restaurants, shops and leading hotels on its doorstep. It is right next to Brussels' Central Station with national & international rail connections and direct trains to Brussels Airport (the Airport City express). It is also very well connected to the public transport network: metro “Central Station”, buses, trams,... This international meetings centre in the very heart of Brussels features an exclusive, comfortable and contemporary design with the emphasis on multimedia, environmental friendliness and safety. A truly spectacular meeting venue right in the heart of Europe.


    The former Wine Palace: located in the heart of Brussels, between the Sablon, the Place du Jeu Balle and the Chapel train station "Les Ateliers des Tanneurs" offers spaces classified in a beautiful complex of Art Nouveau style, particularly interesting and original to organize events! Completely renovated, the architectural complex, flagship of the industrial heritage of Brussels, has several poles: a business center, the organic market Tanners, a restaurant.


    MCI is expert in B to B event communication and organiser. Their goal is to design and organize all types of internal and external events of companies, professional federations, learned societies and associations: Convention, Symposium, Congress, Launch of products, Seminars, Evening, Incentive Travel ... MCI business is founded on the human insight: When people come together magic happens.