Danièle Vranken - FAIB

Danièle Vranken - FAIB


Danièle Vranken - Secretary General, Federation of International Associations Established in Belgium, FAIB Belgium

Danièle VRANKEN is the Secretary General of the FAIB, the Federation of European & international associations based in Belgium. The FAIB represents its 280 member associations, which in turn represent some 40,000 members in their respective sectors.

Danièle’s know-how comes from a 29-year career as Director of Finance & Administration for Cosmetics Europe (formrly Colopa), the European osmetics industry association and Management Assistant in education. Her previous assignments were mainly abroad, hence her multilingual skills (French, English, German, Dutch, some Italian and recreational Spanish for fun!)

She took over the management of the FAIB in 2010 on a voluntary basis and puts all aspects of her professional experience, and personality at the service of the Federation.