Session Descriptions

  • Breakout Sessions 

  • Generation Now becomes Tomorrow's Leadership

    Engaging younger generations in your organization’s mission and outreach is beneficial not only for their future but also for the vitality and longevity of your business and membership. How do you empower and engage them effectively to help them develop into next-level association and research leaders? This session will offer various strategies and tips for cultivating the association leaders of tomorrow.

    Learner Outcomes:

    1. Recognize the strengths and capabilities of different generations in your sector or marketplace
    2. Identify opportunities within your organization for youth to develop and demonstrate their leadership potential
    3. Develop a framework for mentoring or coaching the young workers for maximum success
  • Change Happens; Are You Ready For It?

    They say that change is the only constant in our fast-paced world of business, technology, and human development. Will you be ready to lead through changes large and small and guide your team to handle crises when they occur? Three presenters who have effectively managed these situations will discuss the skills and scenario planning that will assist you to be prepared for whatever challenges arise.

     Learner Outcomes:

    1. Identify the elements of a successful change management strategy
    2. Develop a plan for managing crises whether they occur at the home office or at your events
    3. Contribute to successful change management and crisis strategies within your organization even if you do not have a senior leadership role 
  • The Evolving Role of Today's Associations and Non-Profit-Organizations

    Most associations exist to provide professional education and networking for their members and advocate on behalf of their industry. But in today’s globally connected, highly competitive, digitally-driven business environment this may not be enough.

    Forward-thinking organizations continually assess their mission, vision, and value proposition to remain competitive in their marketplace. We will hear from three associations that have been on this journey so look for takeaways to apply within your own organization.

    Learner Outcomes:

    1. Recognize opportunities for your organization to play a larger or more meaningful role within your industry
    2. Identify the benefits of membership that provide the most value to your members
    3. Effectively communicate the role, vision and mission of your organization to your members and to your industry sector
  • Acquire and Retain Members with a Powerful Value Proposition

    The common thread across most organizations is to increase benefits and opportunities for members. Providing benefits from business connections and meaningful engagements to industry advocacy and global market expansion is essential for member success and satisfaction. Lessons learned from our presenters will offer a wide array of tips and best practices for enhancing your membership strategy.

    Learner Outcomes:

    1. Evaluate your value proposition from current and target members’ perspectives to identify untapped opportunities
    2. Explore new ways to increase membership by expanding your global reach within the sector
    3. Identify elements of a strong member retention strategy
  • What it Takes to Be a Green Association

    Have you assessed the ‘Green Quotient’ of your association? There are many ways to increase its sustainability, from behavioral changes in office life to adopting renewable energy. Our presenters will share their experiences in the sustainability sector including strategies for raising awareness, overcoming the budget barrier, and influencing internal decision making.

    Learner Outcomes:

    1. Align your organization’s sustainability practices with its core values
    2. Evaluate the sustainability measures practiced by your organization and identify additional opportunities
    3. Build a case to be a green association by emphasizing the benefits to your organization, members and the community
  • Partner Sessions 

  • ESAE Session: Digital ®evolution in your Association: Embrace. Engage. Excel.

    An interactive world café forum where participants will openly discuss and exchange experiences and case studies. The digital tools in our disposal have already changed the way we conduct business, but what are we make the best use of what we have? And what can we expect from the future?

    Learner Outcomes:

    1. Understand the value of embracing digital transformation and how to articulate the value to your key stakeholders
    2. Gain further clarity on digital strategies and tactics relevant to your Association’s stage of digital transformation
    3. Learn and share successes and failures to ensure success in your Association’s digital transformation journey

    Table topics:

    1. Membership services
    2. Events
    3. Advocacy
    4. Communication
    5. Governance
  • ESAE proposal: Executive Coaching individual sessions

    ESAE partner “35+ Executive Women Coaching” is proposing individual free 1 hour sessions per appointment during the EAS.

    During those sessions, the participants are invited to reflect about their personal brand, the vision and the strength and power of their network together with Joana Visa, an experienced executive in the business and the association world.

    To book the sessions within the available time slot, please use the following link.

  • ICCA session: How ICCA uses trust to build a community!

    The power of trust is infinite, and your members valuing your organisation and what you stand for is ultimately priceless! An engaged, passionate community is your ticket to growth, and helps to create a strong future for your association and the industry you work to advance. As association executives, we know the importance of a building a strong community bond - but the “how” and “why” are more difficult to unlock.

    Led by Moderator Bo Kruger, meetings industry creative powerhouse and founder of Moving Minds, Elif Balci Fisunoglu and Senthil Gopinath from ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association) and Silke Schlinnertz from Euroheat & Power Association will inspire you during this collaborative session to pinpoint your own “how” and “why”, with the story of how they built a unique “ICCA family” atmosphere in their own association community. Learn about the methods they use to drive engagement amongst their members both at their events and outside the meeting room, and work together with fellow association executives to share ideas on how you can create a foundation of trust in your own organisation.

  • GAHP Session: Evaluate Growth Strategies for Associations

    Within today's competitive landscape, serving and providing value to association members and the community is essential if you are to successfully grow your share of the market, both regionally and internationally.  Similar to the private sector, there is an apparent need for associations to constantly adapt in order to meet the needs of an increasingly informed and ambitious market.  But with limited human capital and financial resources, traditional business models, and identifying opportunities for alternative revenue streams, how can you manage the risks, activities, and transitions when moving into new markets? A clear growth strategy, due diligence, creating successful partnerships or coalitions, and becoming adaptive to change are just some of the ways to turn the challenge into an opportunity…

    This session is powered by the Global Association Hubs Partnership (GAHP).

    Objectives and learner outcomes: 

    1. Explore and share key aspects of how to grow your association
    2. Learn from the experience of successful associations
    3. Engage in a dialogue with the speakers and the participants
  • UIA session: Lifting the elevator pitch

    The non-profit world is vast and very diverse. As such, it can be a challenge for an association to accurately and concisely convey what unique added value it brings to society. Our experts will guide the participants through a series of interactive exercises. The goal of the workshop is to make the participants’ communication about their organization's mission and goals more succinct and effective.

  • PCMA session: Five Trends Shaping The Future of Meetings and Events

    PCMA & Marriott International conducted future of events research and uncovered some intriguing trends. Focused on five key areas: emotional intelligence, orchestrated serendipity, multi-modal design, making a meaningful impact and leveraging your surroundings, the study reveals how they will usher in a new era of experiences.  This will be a collaborative session, allowing participants to work through each trend and determine steps they can take to enhance their meetings and events.

    Learner Outcomes:

    1. Describe five key trends and how they can be brought to life
    2. Recognize the importance of embracing these trends and the implications for organisers, attendees and suppliers
    3. Identify ways to infuse these elements into events to propel your association forward 
  • Solvay Session: How to co-create VALUE

    Few associations excel at re-inventing the value they bring to their members.  In this session, you will discover the 4 key questions any association should be able to answer in order to maximize value for all. You will also gain pragmatic tips and tricks to engage your members and co-create.

    Learning Outcomes:

    1. Discover the 4 key questions any leader should be able to answer
    2. Learn a pragmatic framework to co-create value
    3. Gain insights from an experienced practitioner
  • FAIB Session: The Reform of the Belgian Corporate/Associations Code

    With this session, you will learn what the background and consequences of this Reform will entail for your association:

    • Most of you deal with the EU institutions and voluminous legislative documents as part of your daily work….
    • But you probably don’t want to have to wade your way through the 500+ pages in French or Dutch of the new Belgian law on companies and associations and the forthcoming revision of the finance law… 
    • That is why in this session - with a little help and guidance from FAIB and our experts - we will try to make your life here a little easier… at least in this particular issue

    Our speakers :

    and our President, Adrian Harris, moderating this session during which you will get

    • an overview of what is at stake;
    • the general principles of the reform;
    • the impact on Governance, Management and representation;
    • the liquidation and dissolution aspects;
    • the new liability rules;
    • which are the specific new rules for (I)NPAs and their impact on the statutes, etc of associations;
    • and which are the new tools foreseen by the law as regards restructuring and transformation;
    • and a lot more ....
  • Roundtables

  • Legal and Management Roundtables

    The thematic summit partners of EAS 2019 are there to enlighten you about various items related to key aspects of leading an association.

    During those sessions, the participants are invited to reflect together with experts from the respective fields about items of their interest thanks to a thematic kick-off question, as well as raise any questions they wish to the representatives from Interel or Kellen in association management or K&L Gates or Osborne Clarke in the legal area.

    One session in the morning, one in the afternoon. Choose freely your time schedule and enjoy the conversation.

  • Focus Sustainability

  • Can you still afford to ignore Sustainability? 

    Understand how sustainability can be integrated in your event strategy and how it can benefit your organisation/Association. In this interactive session, we will share concrete and easily applicable initiatives that will help you raise your event sustainability profile and inspire your attendees and wider stakeholders.

  • Workshop Sustainability: Zero-Waste

    Presentation of what zero waste is and how to get started followed by a practical workshop. On Thursday, creation of powdered toothpaste and Friday of beewrap (waxed cotton canvas to contain food).

    Workshop on February 28th: 

    • Introduction and theory (basics of zero waste, the 5 Rs,...) followed by practice/DIY
    • Creation of powdered toothpaste: A fast, ecological and healthy method in homemade mode. Simple and natural ingredients for healthy teeth!

    Workshop on March 1rst: 

    • Introduction and theory (basics of zero waste, the 5 Rs,...) followed by practice/DIY 
    • Creation of beewrap (waxed cotton canvas to contain food): Alternative to aluminium in home-made mode. Fun, fast and non-toxic!
  • Guided Tours

    At the end of the first day of the summit, we propose two different guided tours. Both visits are on foot and will allow to go from the SQUARE to the Atelier des Tanneurs.

  • Brussels City Tour

    We offer you an itinerary full of contrasts from the monumental “Mont des Arts” to the picturesque alleys of the Marolles district. You’ll enjoy The pretty “Petit Sablon” and the elegant “Grand Sablon” that houses some of the finest chocolate shops.  A central feature of this walking tour is the impressive variety of architectural styles including "Art Nouveau". 

  • Brussels Green City Tour

    Discover Brussels’ vibrant eco-life: zero-waste shops, fair fashion, natural care and plant-based coffee bars. 

    During the Eco Lifestyle Tour you will discover five to six eco-addresses in one hour. We will start at Kunstberg, walk through Sablon and Marolles, to end at Rue des Tanneurs where dinner will be ready for you.

    Get to know Brussels’ ‘green’ side and get inspired!