EAS 2020 : Session Descriptions

EAS 2020 : Session Descriptions

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  • Breakout Sessions

    Partner Sessions 



    Breakout Sessions 

    Branding & digital session: (re) branding and positioning of your association

    Tuesday 10 March: 16.30 - 17.30

    Short: The invited experts will present and review several real life cases of association branding and re-branding. 

    There is no doubt that branding is important for association visibility, but still it tends to be put aside until 'better times'. This session will review why it is paramount to look at your branding coherently (from association logo to social media presence). The invited experts will present and review several real life cases of association branding and re-branding where attendees will be able to test their skills and understanding of what it takes to create a  good brand strategy.


    Leadership session: Association Leaders: Pathways to Professional and Personal Growth 

    Tuesday 10 March: 14.00 - 15.00

    • Moderator: Michel Ballieu (Executive Director), Alliance for Biomedical Research in Europe
    • Speaker: Joana Visa, Joana Visa Coaching
    • speaker: Anna Koj, Professional Women International in Brussels - PWI Brussels

    Short: During this session we will look into several aspects of leadership including leadership skills, diversity and gender-neutral leadership, as well as how to raise leadership within your members and volunteers. 

    Leadership is the most frequently researched topic on many event platforms and media channels. What does leadership mean for an association?  During this session we will look into the following aspect of leadership: gender-neutral leadership and diversity, obstacles for women to become leaders in association, internal leaders vs external leaders - how to raise leadership within your members and volunteers. 


    Membership session: Connecting with people - sharing recipes for engagement

    Tuesday 10 March: 15.15 - 16.15

    Short: This session will literally add flavour to your member engagement practices. Join Jimena and Jeffer to hear a real case of a successful brand ambassadorship campaign that stimulated diversity, volunteering and association brand awareness, and to create your own engagement plans.


    Organisation session: Strategies for stable growth

    Tuesday 10 March: 10.00 - 11.00

    Short: Join this interactive discussion to brainstorm about possible 'growth hacking' scenarios for your association.


    Strategy & change session: When Change Is the Less Riskier Move

    Wednesday 11 March: 09.00 - 10.00

    Short: Join this session to learn what is better for an association's continuing growth: to keep the status quo or to accept the challenge and implement changes.

    What is better for an association: to keep the status quo or to accept the challenge and implement changes? What would you keep intact and what you must change in your organisation to continue being relevant and attract new members?  And when you change, how do you onboard your members to follow your strategy? Join this provocative debate to find our answers to these questions. 


    Association management sessionProgression of the AMC Model

    Tuesday 10 March: 10.00 - 11.00

    Short: Join this session to  walk away with a greater understanding of multi-client management approaches and their benefits.

    This session provides an overview of the path Association Management Companies (AMCs) have taken to become trusted partners for outsourcing, management and consulting for associations. Trends in management models, opportunities for growth and proven benefits of AMC structures will be presented.


    Association management session: Top Ten Marketing Trends from the AMC Industry

    Tuesday 10 March: 15.15 - 16.15

    Short: Join this session to walk away with a key trends affecting associations now!

    AMCs manage thousands of associations from trade groups and foundations to professional societies, representing a wide variety of industries and professions. This multi-management structure brings a creative, focused, and efficient approach to marketing. This session will dive into the top ten trends in marketing and how AMC managed associations are leveraging them with best practices, technology, and a customer-centric approach.


    Association management session: AMC Models in the U.S. and Europe

    Tuesday 10 March: 16.30 - 17.30

    Short: Discover more about solutions for association challenges worldwide

    AMC models may vary greatly in the US versus Europe but lately, these models have become more and more similar as AMCs address association challenges across the globe. Hear about the commonalities and differences in these two large association markets and where opportunities reside for partnering, knowledge sharing and growth.


    Partner Sessions 

    • ESAE Session: The Association of the Future against Disruptions

    Wednesday 11 March: 10.30 - 12.00

    From acceleration of artificial intelligence (AI) to cognitive technologies, from climate emergencies to rapid social and geopolitical changes, disruptions are morphing in some unexpected ways and combine to create an even bigger impact than anticipated. These changes will affect every sector, in every geography. Associations are no exception.

    Associations need to adapt their business models and general modus operandi to remain relevant, and most importantly ensure that they are on the frontline of helping their members adapt to changing realties. The Association of the Future will require a capacity to be flexible, agile and adaptable to change. Success will depend on working out what will remain relevant, on reinventing the ability to learn, and on strategic planning to adapt and mitigate against disruption.

    The 2020 ESAE Session will build on the previous edition “Digital Digital ®evolution in your Association” and will help determine, in an interactive format, the ways to prepare for change.

    This Session is under the umbrella of the ESAE 2020 theme of workshops: “The Association of the Future". We may not all be comfortable with the pace of change – but we can prepare. Join our session to explore together ‘how’.

    Moderator: Wouter Lox, European Fruit Juice Association (AIJN); Chloe Menhinick, International Water Association (IWA); Maria Rosa Gibellini, EIF; Alexander Mohr, EFFA; Fanny Senez, International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA)

    Speaker: Giuseppe Marletta, Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC); Stylianos Filopoulos, European Society of Association Executives (ESAE)


    • ICCA Session: If your meeting matches your mission, success is guaranteed! 

    Tuesday 10 March: 14.00 - 15.00

    Associations are at the heart of today’s evolution of humankind. Every subject has an association connected to it, every societal issue is being advocated by a society. The main vehicle for associations to drive change and ensure knowledge transfer is through their meetings. Learn how associations can ensure that their meeting’s legacy aligns with their association’s mission and further their field of expertise locally and globally. Be inspired by two case studies of associations which have successfully aligned their meeting’s legacy with their association’s mission and been crowned Winners of the ICCA/BestCities Incredible Impacts Award in 2019 and identify how you can follow in their footsteps.

    Learners outcomes:

    • Find inspiration through two success stories
    • Identify who are main stakeholders for your association locally
    • Recognize innovative ways of aligning your association’s mission and meeting legacy
    • Learn how you can help shape the future of international meetings

    Moderator: Patrick Delaney, SoolNua
    Speaker: Silke Schlinnertz, Euroheat & Power
    Case studies: Silke Schlinnertz, Euroheat & Power; Pippa Powell, ELF


    • GAHP Session: Designing the Perfect Partnership Model (for your Association)

    Tuesday 10 March: 11.30 - 12.45

    Interactive workshop, including "wisdom of crowds" project design exercises, helping associations custom-build partnership strategies that exploit a dramatically wider range of opportunities and assets than traditional approaches.

    Organisations that fail to build effective partnerships are on a pathway towards extinction! This innovative, lively session is guaranteed to expand your understanding of how to custom-build partnership strategies that will help achieve your association's strategic objectives, and will provide practical lessons in how to overcome the barriers that frequently prevent collaborative projects from being effective. Learn how to recognise and exploit your own association's unique value proposition, and how to evaluate the potential value that a wide range of partners bring to the table.

    Moderator: Martin Sirk, GAHP


    • UIA Session: The Gab of the Goals: communicating your UN SDG mission

    Wednesday 11 March: 09.00 - 10.00

    What UN Sustainable Development Goal is your association contributing to? Why that SDG? How is it contributing? With whom is it working?

    This workshop will help you turn your answers to these questions into a statement you can use in your communications to partners, members, and the world at large.

    Facilitators: Nancy Carfrae and Amelia Folkema


    Tuesday 10 March: 10.00 - 11.00

    Rethinking Marketing in our World today!

    How we S.A.V.E.D. the 4 Ps in Marketing? A new way of rethinking Marketing principles but not rethinking the Marketing “wheel”. The world has changed, Business has changed and Marketing has changed – we must adapt and reconsider basics in Marketing and translate them into our new world. Consumers of today are looking for solutions to solve their problems in a convenient and accessible way.

    This solution should be affordable which does not mean cheap. What you get for what you give up reflects a logic quality-value relation and balance for product and services. Consumers of today show their maturity in their engagement and they act as entreproducers in a digital world. Entreproducers are engaged via emotions and empowered by communities. Digitalization represents and supports a new way of life and a new channel for our “new” world. Marketing has changed – have you S.A.V.E.D. it?

    Speaker: Prof. Dr. Sandra Rothenberger


    • FAIB session: GDPR in Action (learning from two years and going forward)

    Tuesday 10 March: 16.30 - 17.30

    Join our session for a short yet very practical presentation of the GDPR “in Action” within an association and on the main compliance, practical and HR aspects of it as we learned from two years of implementation in general and in particular at “Kom op tegen Kanker”.

    During our session, we shall focus on :

    • Part 1 : where are we after two years, how to and why comply;
    • Part 2 : what should an association focus on learning from the “live” experience of Kom op tegen Kanker;
    • Part 3 : the HR top tips on recruitment, benefits, volunteers / third party and so on.

    Speakers: Yves Braeckman, Kom op tegen Kanker; Christophe Delmarcelle, DKW Law; Jan Decorte, EY Law
    Moderator: Danièle Vranken, FAIB


    • MPI Session: The Why Variable: Understanding the Strategic Purpose of Your Events

    Tuesday 10 March: 15:15 - 16:15

    You know that the events you plan are invaluable to the success of your business or organisation, but your association or client leaders’ goals and objectives are elusive. What questions should you ask so that you can understand the true aims of your association in holding events, and how can you set measurable goals that help your stakeholders determine whether or not their meetings were effective. Go beyond asking your delegates if they had a good time, and create value for your organisation by asking the right questions and setting the right metrics. Position yourself not as a event organiser, but as a true consultant with the business strategy of your meetings top-of-mind.

    Leaner Outcomes:

    • Discover the questions to ask your meeting owners to truly understand their business goals (and ensure your success
    • Learn how to set SMART objectives for your events
    • See what measurements you can use to better understand the true reach of your events.

    Speaker: Babs Nijdam, MPI Netherlands Chapter


    Wednesday 11 March: 09:00 - 10:00

    This workshop will address engagement theory plus reveal what’s coming in event-tech and how both combined can enhance the attendee experience. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the technology options available for different event types and how to effectively implement them through a small group hands-on experience design activity. .

    Leaner Outcomes:

    • Understand how event technology can be leveraged to tap into audience emotions
    • Describe the latest event technology advancements
    • Assess which tech tools will help achieve engagement goals for different types of events.

    Speaker: Davi Kaur, EORTC; James Morgan, Events Tech Lab



    The thematic summit partners of EAS 2020 are there to enlighten you about various items related to key aspects of leading an association.

    During those sessions, the participants are invited to reflect together with experts from the respective fields about items of their interest thanks to a thematic kick-off question, as well as raise any questions they wish to the representatives from K&L Gates, Osborne Clarke or EY Law in the legal area.

    One session in the morning, one in the afternoon. Choose freely your time schedule and enjoy the conversation.


    EY Law Session: Legal challenges for non-profit and trade associations in 2020

    Tuesday 10 March: 11.30 - 12.45

    Nowadays, legislations are constantly evolving making it more difficult for non-profit organisations to determine what are exactly their legal obligations and how to comply with them. Based on its expertise of Belgian non-profit law and in-depth knowledge of the Belgian and European non-profit sector, EY Law’s Non-Profit & Trade Associations team has selected four main legal challenges that non-profit organisations are likely to face in 2020. Thanks to its pragmatic and realistic approach, the aim of this session is to give your organisation tools to identify and face these legal challenges in 2020 and make sure your organisation will comply with its legal obligations. This session will literally add flavour to your member engagement practices. Join Jimena and Jeffer to hear a real case of a successful brand ambassadorship campaign that stimulated diversity, volunteering and association brand awareness, and to create your own engagement plans.


    Osborne Clarke session: Strengthen your association by better managing your board: Tips from the legal world

    Wednesday 11 March: 09.00 - 10.00

    Wondering how to manage your association's board? Join an interactive session to learn the best management of the board of directors, do's & don'ts and mastering deadlines to avoid director liability.

    This interactive session with a Q&A features two experts in Belgian NPO law from Osborne Clarke. They offer strategies for associations to improve the management of their board meetings, learn about directors' rights, duties and liability, and discover how to best draft meeting minutes. Ruth and Frank will offer legal pointers to manage deadlines and tips for conflicts of interest or other crises.