1. I bought credits and/or Passes in advance, what should I do to get them at the festival?
    Upon your arrival at the festival site, bring your ticket(s) (with the bar code) that you received by email to the central ticket office and you'll be given your magnetic card(s), with your credit(s) and/or Wine Pass preloaded.
  2. I didn't buy anything in advance, where can I get a magnetic card?
    Upon your arrival, make your way to one of the festival's ticket offices and purchase credits and/or a Wine Pass. These will be loaded onto a magnetic card for you to use in the festival.
  3. Where can I use my credits?
    The credits can be used at all of the festival's stands, except the Bordeaux wine pavilions. The credits are valid throughout the 2018 festival.
  4. What does the Wine Pass do?
    The Wine Pass is your unique passport to taste the wines of the Bordeaux region. You will find its contents here. It is only valid in the Bordeaux wine pavilions.
  5. I have no more credits left, where and when can I top up my magnetic card
    You can add more credits to your magnetic card throughout the festival, as many times as you like, in any of the festival's ticket offices.
  6. At the end of the festival, I still have credits on my card. Can I be reimbursed?
    Keep your card (or remember your card's unique number), go to the Reimbursement page (coming soon) on the eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX website and fill in the reimbursement form. that's it*.
    Reimbursements are possible for amounts of minimum €5. There is a €2 transaction charge that will be deducted per transaction. Reimbursement requests can be submitted between 10/09/2018 and 25/09/2018. After this date, all unused credits will be lost. No reimbursements will be made for any freebies, free credits or the Wine Pass.
  7. How many credits can I load onto my card?
    You can load as many credits as you like. For your security the number of credits is limited to 200 per top up (€200/top up).
  8. I lost my magnetic card
    Sadly, we are unable to help. Please look after your card as it is worth money.
  9. I have bough credits and one or more Wine Passes, can I have an invoice?
    Keep your card (or memorise your card's unique number). Send us an email to info@eat.brussels with the card number, the amount of your purchases, along with your invoive details (company, VAT number, etc.). We will then sen you an invoice in PDF format via email as quickly as possible.