Responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages

The association of Bordeaux Fête le Vin and eat ! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX is not intended to become a wine festival. It is above all an event-based on a journey of discovery, to let you discover the wide variety of Bordeaux wines. Therefore, the sale of wine by the bottle is not authorized during the festival.

The organizers also prioritize the concept of responsible consumption. For this reason, each wine producers will offer you 5 cl of his best wine. Tasters may also spit out the wine into the numerous spittoons placed by the stalls. You will also be able to rinse your glasses between tastings.

  • Wine in Moderation

    Wine in Moderation is an international programme from the wine industry that aims to inspire a healthy and balanced way of life in people and in this way, contribute to the reduction of the negative effects linked to the excessive consumption of alcohol. To help you, here is some advice:

    1.  Prepare your visit. It is almost impossible to taste all the wines offered at a wine exhibition. You should, therefore, prepare your visit by selecting the tasting sessions you want to try. Your Wine Pass is valid throughout the festival, so don’t hesitate to come back and see us!
    2. Never go on an empty stomach. Take breaks during your tastings and sample one of our chefs’ signature dishes.
    3. Don’t forget to spit out the wine. You can use one of the many spittoons placed on the bar of each pavilion.
    4. Water, water and more water. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated during your tastings. Vittel water is available at every bar.
    5. Avoid driving. Organise your trip home in advance so that you always get home safely.

    And don’t forget:

    • Drinking win requires maturity: minors should not drink.
    • Pregnant women should avoid the consumption of alcoholic drinks.