Coronavirus: supports and informs the tourism sector

Coronavirus: supports and informs the tourism sector and the Brussels' tourism actors, whatever their size, are working together. The health crisis affects everyone and has decided to keep you informed of the measures and initiatives taken that impact Brussels' tourism sector.

Conference and congress organisers, international associations, hotels, tourist attractions, museums and cultural actors, activity organisers, event halls, caterers, restaurants...

All of Brussels' tourism actors are taken into account. You will find regularly updated information on this page.


  • 1. Tourism in Brussels: An evolving and adaptable recovery plan thanks to five working groups

    Going forward, there is certainly no shortage of ideas and has, therefore, decided to bring together several dozen key actors of Brussels' business and leisure tourism sectors to forge the post-COVID-19 era. Since the beginning of April 2020, hundreds of key actors have been exchanging ideas with their peers, supporting each other and developing various recovery scenarios. The objective is to start the recovery collectively and with solidarity.

    • Who:

    Five working groups meet regularly (online, and it works!):

    1. The meetings industry
    2. International associations
    3. B2C National and international tourism
    4. B2B Leisure
    5. Cultural offer and city life
    • Objectives:
      • Provide a common framework for stakeholders in the business tourism and culture sectors
      • Work with all partners
      • Identify the sector's needs and provide assistance by whatever means are available
      • Hold a reflection on the possible opportunities and activities for the medium and long term
    • When: The first meetings on 2 and 3 April 2020 were followed by more on 17 and 30 April 2020. The next meeting is planned for 15 May 2020.
    •' role: Collect the information that needs to be relayed to the regional level and develop a recovery plan for Brussels' tourism sector, taking into account the needs of all stakeholders.

    Would you like to join these groups? 

    The idea of contributing to the development of a sustainable recovery that leaves nobody behind tempts you? Join us!

    Fill in this form or contact Céline Batteauw by phone on +32 476 82 77 31 or by email at

    2.' current activities: good to know is closely following the directives of the Federal Public Service, Health and the World Health Organization. Our team is working from home. As productive and interactive as ever, perhaps even more so, we will continue to support you and handle all your requests. Our role is also to inform you of the latest news from your Brussels partners.

    Our contact numbers and email addresses remain unchanged, so please do not hesitate to contact us!

    As for our other activities:


    • The Welcome team: staff will answer your questions by telephone 7 days a week, from 10:00 to 18:00 - 02 513 89 40.
    •' tourist offices: the office at 4 rue Royale is open, 7 days a week, from 10:00 to 18:00. The office on the Grand-Place is closed until further notice. Visits of the City of Brussels Town Hall are suspended until further notice.
    • The exhibition reopens its doors on 19 May and will be open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10:00 to 18:00, booking required. 
    • events: All professional events organised between now and 18 May by or at the BIP convention centre are cancelled or postponed.

    3. Brussels' tourism and events sectors: the latest news

    "The Brussels Hotels Association, together with the local hotel community, is closely monitoring the situation to ensure the safety of all guests, partners and employees.
    Hotels are invited to fully implement the World Health Organization's (WHO) standard recommendations in addition to their regular high cleaning standards.
    The Brussels Hotels Association continues to inform the local hotel community about the authorities' tightening regulations, with a view to reducing exposure to and transmission of the COVID-19 virus. The safety of our guests, partners and employees comes first."

    4. The socio-economic impact: Brussels' OIP (Public interest Organisations) have created a task force

    A regional task force, bringing together political representatives and all of the Brussels-Capital Region's OIPs (Organismes d'Intérêt Public - Public Interest Organisations) has been meeting regularly since 4 March 2020. visit.brusse is a member of the task force as the OIP that represents the tourism industry.

    • Objective: the task force aims to assess the socio-economic impact of COVID-19, to provide regular monitoring of the situation and to analyse concrete measures to be put in place by the Brussels-Capital Region.
    • When: the task force meets every week and has done since 4 March 2020.
    •' role: ensuring that the issues, needs and demands of the tourism industry are taken into account in regional policy decisions.

    5. Socio-economie: information, documents and useful links


    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Celine Batteauw by phone on +32 476 82 77 31 or by email at