Around the world in 19 communes (8-12 y.o.)

Around the world in 19 communes (8-12 y.o.)

An interactive activity presenting the Brussels-Capital Region and the diversity of its inhabitants.

“Around the world in 19 communes” lets children develop their general knowledge and gain a better understanding of the diversity of the region’s neighbourhoods.

Set off to encounter the multitude of cultures that make up Brussels’ great mosaic of cultures: 183 nationalities – from near and far – live here and share customs and traditions… it’s a round-the-world tour without ever leaving Brussels! Thanks to this activity, you will learn all sorts of interesting things about the people make Brussels such a multicultural region.

Each child gets a booklet that resembles a suitcase. Armed with their luggage, they set off to meet the people of Brussels and complete challenges. Each challenge lets them collect globe-trotter stickers and work out the key code to their suitcase!

Useful information: the booklets are on sale 7 days a week from the exhibition’s ticket office for €2, and participants who complete all the challenges will get a little reward!

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