Around the World in 19 Communes (8-12 years old)

An interactive activity that presents the Brussels-Capital Region, and the diversity of its inhabitants.

8-12 years old | 1h00 | max. 30 participants | Available in French, Dutch and English

Be advised this activity is a limited edition!
Try this activity until 18 November 2018!

As part of the 2017 themed year, presentse "Around the World in 19 Communes". This game lets children develop their general knowledge and better understand all of the diversity found within the region's neighbourhoods.

Set off to encounter a multitude of cultures that make up the ginat mosaic that is Brussels: 183 nationalities – from near and far – living together and sharing customs and traditions… you can almost travel around the world without leaving Brussels!
This activity will help you to learn a whole host of interesting things about the people that make Brussels a truly multicultural region.

Every child receives a booklet in the shape of a suitcase. Armed with their luggage, they set off to meet the inhabitants of Brussels by taking on several challenges. Each challenge lets them collect globe-trotter stickers and find the code they need to unlock their padlock!

This pedagogical way of visiting the exhibition allows participants to improve their general knowledge, along with their reading and observational skills. It also lets them discover Brussels differently and develop their teamwork skills and their ability to search for information.

Around the World in 19 Communes goes in tandem with the following lessons:

  • Language classes (level A1 and A2; the game is available in French, Dutch and English)
  • Environmental studies (history, geography, citizenship)

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