From 8 to 12 years old

From 8 to 12 years old

he exhibition, a fun and interactive discovery, will fascinate young and old of all backgrounds, thanks to its stunning scenography and its original content. You will be welcomed by an enthusiastic team that offers you activities specially designed for children and teenagers that fit perfectly with specific subjects and classes.

For groups of children aged between 8 and 12 years old, you can choose between the eB! Pursuit board game, organised by our team, and activity booklets, which allow you to manage the group completely autonomously. Two booklets are adapted for this age group and each provides a different way to visit the exhibition:

  • Around the World in 19 Communes focuses on the diversity and range of nationalities and cultures found in Brussels.
  • The Explorer lets your group discover Brussels from all angles thanks to a wide variety of missions.

Below you’ll find a detailed description of these three activities, which fit perfectly with the following subjects or classes:

  • Environmental studies (history, geography, citizenship)
  • Languages (levels A1 and A2; available in French Dutch and English)

The team is at your disposal 7 days a week, by telephone or by email, to help you best prepare your visit.

  • eB! Pursuit

    A captivating, fun and educational team game based on research and observation
    1h30 | min. 6; max. 50 participants | Available in French, Dutch and English

    The eB! Pursuit game implicates the entire exhibition. Participants, split into small teams, travel through the different rooms. Searching for the answer to a question given to them on a card by the game organiser, their observational skills and ability to work as a team will be put to the test. The questions will help them to discover Brussels and its special charms. For each correct answer, players will be rewarded with a sticker to add to their game card. At the end of the game, participants will have completed their card and actively discovered every corner of the exhibition.

    This game helps to develop the children's general knowledge as well as reading ability, observational and research skills and their ability to work as a team.

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  • Around the World in 19 Communes

    An interactive activity that presents the Brussels-Capital Region, and the diversity of its inhabitants.
    1h30 | max. 30 participants | Available in French, Dutch and English

    Set off to encounter a multitude of cultures that make up the giant mosaic that is Brussels: 183 nationalities – from near and far – living together and sharing customs and traditions… you can almost travel around the world without ever leaving Brussels! This activity will help the kids learn a whole host of interesting things about the people that make Brussels a truly multicultural region.

    Every child receives a booklet in the shape of a suitcase. Armed with their luggage, they set off to meet the inhabitants of Brussels by taking on several challenges. Each challenge lets them collect globe-trotter stickers and find the code they need to unlock their padlock!

    This game lets children develop their general knowledge and offers them a better understanding of the diversity found within the region's neighbourhoods.

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  • The Explorer

    An expedition that is full of surprises and reveals the unexpected sides of our region: its fauna and flora, its hills, waterways and streams, its inhabitants and its legends.
    2h00 | max. 30 participants | Available in French, Dutch and English

    After this exploration that lasts just under two hours, your little budding explorers will know everything there is to know about Brussels. Armed with their booklet, they will have fun discovering the geography of Brussels, learning about the inhabitants and birds that can be found in the region, and also exploring the European Union in Brussels. They will (re)familiarise themselves with the region's history and legends and the etymology of certain places. This activity alternates cleverly between moments of play, drawing, searching for information and crafts.

    This pedagogical way of visiting the exhibition allows participants to improve their general knowledge, along with their reading and observational skills. It also lets them discover Brussels differently and develop their teamwork skills and their ability to search for information.

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  • As a complement to your visit to, which introduces you to the Brussels-Capital Region, you can set off on a journey through the city's fascinating history by taking part in one of the many activities at the Brussels City Museum.