Our team

Our team

experience.brussels is first and foremost driven by an enthusiastic team which loves to share its passion for Brussels!

Throughout the year, young recruits come to hone their training and breathe new life and fresh ideas into the project, they boost our creativity. It is a real opportunity for us, who love to innovate, to imagine the future exhibition and the Brussels of tomorrow. Are you creative with a contagiously positive personality and looking for a traineeship for your studies or before you launch yourself on the job market? Browse our traineeship offer here.

experience.brussels is run by an experienced trio with diverse profiles. Together, they are in charge of the promotion, pedagogy, organisation of events and temporary exhibitions, and the maintenance and updating of the exhibition.

  • Anikó

  • Anikó has worked with us at experience.brussels since 1 September 2010. She is Hungarian and moved to Brussels almost ten years ago. Her 5 year old son Gyuszi is already a proper little “Zinneke” (a Brussels local with a rich, mixed heritage)! At experience.brussels, Anikó is in charge of group visits, as well as welcoming visitors and managing bookings. On top of this she loves to create educational activities like “Around the world in 19 communes”, a fun booklet aimed at 8 to 12 year olds. It is a must and its central theme came as no surprise to us, as this globetrotter never misses a chance to travel, and always comes back bursting with new ideas!

  • Benjamin

  • Benjamin arrived at experience.brussels on 1 October 2014. He is passionate about Brussels and, as such, is hopelessly devoted to the exhibition exposition! What he loves above all, is how different cultures meet in the multi-faceted Brussels-Capital Region. His favourite pastime is to lose himself in lesser-known neighbourhoods and be surprised by Brussels’ endless riches: architecture, secret parks, unexpected views, flavours and customs from all four corners of the globe. All of this inspired Benjamin to create the eB! Challenge, a team game for teenagers and adults.

  • Cécile

  • It is hard to imagine our exhibition without Cécile, who has been a part of the team since July 2009. Mother to a 16 year old, she played an important part in the creation of our new “eB! Quiz” and has already guided several thousands of children, teenagers and adults at experience.brussels! Passionate about cinema, literature and, above all, photography, Brussels is the perfect city for her, and she never gets tired of our magnificent Mont des Arts neighbourhood, or the stunning 18th century architectural gem of a building that houses our exhibition.