The experience.brussels exhibition, a fun and interactive discovery, will fascinate young and old of all backgrounds, thanks to its stunning scenography and its original content. You will be welcomed by an enthusiastic team offering you activities specially designed for children and teenagers that fit perfectly with specific subjects and classes.

For secondary school groups, you can choose between the eB! Challenge board game, organised by our team, and an activity booklet, that allows you to manage the group completely autonomously: the eB! Quiz.

Below you’ll find a detailed description of these three activities, which fit perfectly with the following subjects or classes:

  • Environmental studies (history, geography, citizenship)
  • Languages (from level B1; available in French Dutch and English)

The experience.brussels team is at your disposal 7 days a week, by telephone or by email, to help you best prepare your visit.

  • eB! Challenge

    A fierce team game that is fun and educational, based on research and observation
    1h | min. 6; max. 50 participants | Available in French, Dutch and English

    The eB! Challenge board is made up of concentric circles and the aim is to get to the central disc. To do so, participants split into small teams, and take on a series of challenges. They travel through the various rooms, taking up progressively harder challenges that will put their observation and teamwork skills to the test. The missions let them discover all aspects of Brussels. Each challenge they overcome brings them closer to the final test, but they need to be careful not to get trapped by another team!

    Combining suspense and learning, this game helps teens hone their general knowledge as well as their reading, observation, teamwork and research skills.

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  • The eB! Quiz

    A booklet offering various activities in a modern and interactive exhibition
    1h | max. 50 participants | Available in French, Dutch and English

    The eB! Quiz deals with various fascinating subjects. At the heart of a challenging interactive exhibition, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the right information. This booklet was specially conceived to travel from room to room, following a route paved with questions, challenges and games. To answer the questions, no previous knowledge is required, all you need is a keen eye. Geography, history, the environment and Brussels’ institutions, as well as its status as capital of Europe are revealed bit by bit. Every room is designed to be original and fun, helping you to learn while you enjoy yourself!

    This pedagocical way of visiting experience.brussels helps participants to hone their general knowledge, reading and observation skills. It also lets them discover Brussels differently, while teaching them how to search for information and answers.

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  • As a complement to your visit to experience.brussels, which introduces you to the Brussels-Capital Region, you can set off on a journey through the city's fascinating history by taking part in one of the many activities at the Brussels City Museum.