Time Capsule

Time Capsule

experience.brussels - the exhibition that lets you discover Brussels like never before – is celebrating its 10th birthday. So, as it’s a special birthday, we’re planning a special celebration! For 5 months starting on 6 December 2018, a genuine time capsule inspired by the spheres of the Atomium will let you express your love for Brussels and leave a message for future generations.

A square, a street, a restaurant or a bar, a park, a museum, a monument or a private house; drop a photo, or even a selfie, of your favourite spot in Brussels into our Time Capsule, along with your hopes for Brussels in 10 years’ time.

Your contribution, and those of all the visitors to the Time Capsule, will be collected and sealed away for the next ten years in the experience.brussels exhibition. In 2028 they will be opened and revealed to the public at the second edition of the Time Capsule, where new contributions will be collected and sealed away for another decade!

Competition: 2 X 2 places for the Tram Experience to be won
And that’s not all! If you are one of the first 500 visitors to put something in the Time Capsule, you could be one of the two lucky winners to win two tickets to the Tram Experience: a culinary ride through Brussels in a gourmet restaurant in a tram, enjoying dishes concocted by an award-winning chef!

So come on down to experience.brussels to participate in our Time Capsule and tell us of hopes for the future of Brussels!

More information at www.time-capsule.brussels.