Frequently asked questions about Greeters

Frequently asked questions about Greeters

How can I meet a Greeter?

Around a month prior to your arrival, send us your request by filling in the online form “Book a Greeter” detailing your availability, contact details and interests. The Brussels Greeters network will find an available Greeter and put you in contact with him/her. If you arrange for a tour on the day of your arrival in Brussels, remember to take into consideration any possible travel delay. We advise you to keep half a day between your arrival and the tour.

Staying in Brussels for a long time?

Are you intending to stay in Brussels awhile? We advise you to organize your greet on the second or third day of your stay. You will appreciate the Greeter’s tips much more if you’ve walked around town on your own beforehand.

How much does it cost?

Greeters' services are completely free of charge. Greeters are volunteers who live in the city.

How am I matched with a Greeter?

We will, of course, do our best to find you the perfect Greeter! We always try to match your language choices, but we cannot guarantee a perfect match with your interests.

When and how will I receive information about my Greeter?

You will receive information on your Greeter by email as soon as the tour is confirmed.

Are there routes or guided tours available as well?

No. Each tour with a Greeter is authentic! The tour is meant to be off the beaten track, so it does not include museums, city tours, exhibitions. For these services we recommend professional tour organizations which you can find here :

Which other cities have Greeter organizations?

Around the world:

Do you want more information?

Contact-us by email:

Want to join the team?

Would you like to help people discover Brussels in a novel way and volunteer to share what you love about your neighbourhood in a tour through the city? Do you live in the Brussels area?  Would you like to meet people from different cultures? Do you like swapping and sharing? Are you available for at least 3 hours a month? Then you are in the right place.

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