The aim of the Brussels Quality Academy is to enhance tourists’ experiences and improve business and hospitality services, by inspiring front-line hospitality employees and volunteers to work together to turn every visitor encounter into a positive and memorable experience.

The programme provides you with regional knowledge and ensures you have the know-how to provide memorable service experiences.

Tourists’ experiences in Brussels concern us all. Taking part in this programme means that you are a proud promoter and supporter of the region.

If you are a Brussels professional* who works with tourists, we would be delighted for you to participate!

Registration is free of charge – check out the terms and conditions.   
The sessions take place in the language of the speaker and guide, either in French, Dutch or English. Participants speak in one of these 3 languages at their choice.

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* All type of certified tourism accomodations, tourist offices, museums, bartenders, restaurants, tourist guides, greeters, shops, services, public transportation, taxi drivers, etc.


  • Activity Calendar – subscription is mandatory:

    Month  Name Activity Date Timing Speaker / Guide      Status
     January   Africa Museum  Guided tour  24/01/19     14.30 – 17.30       Béatrice Sibi-Thiriar   pictures
     February  Inca dress code Guided tour 07/02/19 14.30 – 17.30 Serge Lemaitre  pictures
       ISELP, Games & Politics exhibition/
    Street Art walk
    Guided tour & walk 14/02/19 14.30 – 17.30 Pierre Arese Pictures (ISELP)
    Pictures (Street Walk)
       Kanal - Centre pompidou
    + Facade of the Hotel Aubecq
    Presentation &
    guided tour
    21/02/19 14.30 – 17.30   Pictures
     March  Ateliers des Tanneurs &
     Archives of the City of Brussels
    Guided tour 14/03/19 14.30 – 17.30    Pictures
     April  “De la soif au soulagement” Guided tour 04/04/19 14.30 – 17.30 Bruno Berghmans Pictures
       Kanal Centre Pompidou Guided tour 18/04/19 14.30 – 16.30   Subscribe now!
     May  Intimate Audrey - exhibition on the life of Audrey Hepburn Exhibition 07/05/19 14.30 – 17.00 Arkadia Subscribe now!
       Tour & Taxis, past, present and future Presentation &
    guided tour
    09/05/19 14.30 – 17.30 Olivier Kempen Subscribe now!
       Botanic Garden Meise Guided tour 16/05/19 14.30 – 17.30   Subscribe now!
       Les Collections d'Art de la Banque Nationale Exhibition 21/05/19 14.30 – 17.00 Arkadia Subscribe now!
     June  Bruxelles néoclassique Guided tour 06/06/19 14.30 – 17.30 Christophe Loir Subscribe now!
      Maison du Roi: The Grand Place to Be
    & virtual reality
    Exhibition 13/06/19 14.00 – 16.30   Subscribe now!
      Atomium - "Spirou4rights" + Adam Museum Exhibition & Guided Tour 20/06/19 14.00 – 17.00    Subscribe now!
     July  Sur les Traces de Brueghel Guided tour 04/07/19 14.30 – 17.30    To be confirmed
       Brussels Bike Ride Walk  11/07/19 14.30 – 17.30    To be confirmed
    September Fashion and Lace Museum: The historic lace next to the creations of Carine Gilon followed by a storytelling tour "As de pique et belles dentelles" Exhibition & Guided Tour 19/09/19 14.00 – 16.30   Subscribe now!

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    Cancellation must be notified by e-mail 3 days prior event at latest.

    Late cancellations and no-shows are charged € 30.00, TVA ex.

    Pictures might been taken during events; If you do not want to be photographed, please let us know when you arrive.

    Let’s shape together the quality of tomorrow !

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    Pictures: © – Jean-Paul Remy