Car-free Sunday

Car-free Sunday

This year, Car-Free Sunday will mark the launch of Mobility Week. So why not try a different  mode of transport  on 16 September? Become part of Mobilmix and take advantage of this “Shared Mobility” opportunity on offer throughout Mobility Week up to 23 September. Nowadays, private cars are no longer needed in the urban environment. There is a full range of mobility options on offer in our cities − shared cars, bikes, scooters and public transport. And don’t forget to  try out these different ways of getting around during Mobility Week!

In addition to the Heritage Days,  a large number of activities and events will be held  throughout the city on Car-Free Sunday. All the different ways of getting around will be catered for: bus, metro, tram, train, walking, rollerblading, biking, etc. A Brussels-Capital Region initiative, “My village in the city”, will also enable you to  make the most of a number of leisure sites and sustainable development/mobility-related activities in several of Brussels’s municipalities.

Come and enjoy an activity-packed day and the perfect opportunity to  enjoy a visit with family or friends to a Brussels with fewer cars, less noise and reduced pollution!

How it works

Car-Free Sunday applies to all vehicles, except for public transport, taxis, buses, the emergency services and public utility vehicles. However, for safety reasons, the speed limit is restricted to 30 km/h.

Times during which the region will be closed to traffic: 09h30 to 19h00. In certain neighbourhoods, road closures may continue beyond these times due to activities or festivals taking place. The tunnels will be reopened on a gradual basis.

Please note that the rules of the road will still apply. Remember that certain vehicles will be permitted to travel around in the car-free area on the day. We ask that you respect other road users, whatever transport you use. For safety reasons, pedestrians, rollerbladers and cyclists may not, under any circumstances, use the tunnels!

 In certain cases (such as special deliveries, or travel for medical reasons), a circulation permit, valid for the entire region, may be granted. Any such permit is only valid for a single vehicle for the reason indicated on the pass.

For residents of Brussels, permits must be requested from the municipal authorities of your place of residence. For persons living outside the region, permits must be requested from the municipal authorities of the area to which you are travelling.

Would you like to know more?

Visit the website where the full programme will be available from the start of September!