General information

The times given for buildings are opening and closing times. The organisers reserve the right to close doors earlier in case of large crowds in order to finish at the planned time. Specific measures may be taken by those in charge of the sites.

Smoking is prohibited during tours and the managers of certain sites may also prohibit the taking of photographs. To facilitate entry, you are asked to not bring rucksacks or large bags.

“Listed” at the end of notices indicates the date on which the property described was listed or registered on the list of protected buildings.

The coordinates indicated in bold beside addresses refer to a map of the Region. A free copy of this map can be requested by writing to the Department of Monuments and Sites.

Information relating to public transport serving the sites was provided by STIB. It indicates the closest stops to the sites or starting points and the lines served on Saturdays and Sundays.

Please note that advance bookings are essential for certain tours (reservation number indicated below the notice). This measure has been implemented for the sole purpose of accommodating the public under the best possible conditions and ensuring that there are sufficient guides available. However, you are free to go to the starting points for these activities on the dates concerned, without a booking, as cancellations or vacancies may arise.