Heritage that's us!

The next edition of Heritage Days in the Brussels-Capital Region will take place on 15 and 16 September 2018 and will have as its theme “Heritage that's us!”.

As part of “2018 – the European Year of Cultural Heritage”, the Brussels-Capital Region has set itself a new challenge: “What if we asked the citizens to tell us about their heritage? What if they themselves wrote the programme for the Heritage Days?”

So, in September 2017, the call for projects, “Heritage that's us!” was launched. It invited the citizens to submit projects allowing them to showcase the heritage that is important to them in their own original, unique and convivial manner.

The initiative was a success, with over one hundred projects being sent in to the Monuments and Sites Directorate! Of these, the jury selected 95 submissions, and they now make up the programme for the 2018 edition of the Heritage Days.

In addition to the sites to be visited, numerous activities will be on offer throughout the region. This programme, which looks at heritage from a completely different angle, might disconcert and is sure to surprise − but above all, we hope it will delight, through the wide variety of projects on offer. It reflects the vision that citizens, institutions, associations and committees have of their heritage. And it is in this connection that you are invited to take part in a multitude of activities highlighting the tangible heritage of monuments and sites, as well as moveable and intangible heritage, which is often surprising, sometimes unusual, but always captivating.

Free entrance and open to all