Brussels Expo - Outdoor

Brussels Expo - Outdoor

You will find here a description of the exhibitors outside: 

  • Science Trucks

    The Laborabus - Maine Sciences - C.C.S.T.I

  • All aboard the Laborabus, a modular truck transformed into a real mobile laboratory, and discover science in a new light thanks to the many interactive experiments within.

    True or false?

    A series of unexpected experiences will help you unravel the true from the false and put any mistaken scientific beliefs to bed, while understanding the richness and diversity of our universe.

    Practical Information: FR / all audiences / 25 people on Friday / all day over the Weekend (Time: 1 hour)

  • The ‘Propulseur’ - Science Animation

  • The ‘Propulseur’, a space for emulation and innovation, holds the key to understanding new practices at the cutting edge of technology, and will demonstrate this in its many fun workshops for young and old.

    Manufacturing workshop on board the ‘Propulseur’

    The ‘Propulseur’, in its teaching capacity, will also give you access to science and innovation via interactive workshops involving creating objects using 3D printers.

    Practical Information: FR / 8 years + / 20 people on Friday (Time: 1 hour 30 minutes) / all day over the Weekend

  • Plastimobile - Plastimobile asbl

  • Plastimobile allows you to get close to achieving one of humanity’s greatest dreams: to go into space, walk on the Moon, and even on Mars! The Plastimobile will also inform you of the countless benefits and advantages of controlled recycling of plastic parts.

    Practical Information: FR / all audiences / 15 people / all day (Time: 1 hour)

  • Colporteurs des Sciences (Science Peddlers) – Le Pavillon des Sciences

  • The Science Pavilion will give visitors access to all the resources it has gathered and disseminated since its foundation, which have contributed to its reputation (from the ‘Colporteurs des Sciences’ to its exhibitions).

    Journey through the senses

    Come and relearn your five senses during this lively workshop, which will allow you to recognise familiar places through unique mini-challenges.

    Practical Information: FR / 5 to 7 years / 25 people / all day (Time: 1 hour)

    The secret of chocolate

    This workshop will give you the opportunity to discover all the secrets of how to make one of your dearest friends: chocolate!

    Practical Information: FR / all audiences / 25 people per workshop / all day (Time: 30 minutes)

  • Fun bikes - Le Grand Huit

  • Through the amusing use of unique bicycles with crazy proportions, Le Grand Huit will make you on new ways of getting around that respect the environment and are adapted to urban traffic requirements.

    Practical Information: FR-EN / 8 years + / 12 people / all day (Time: 45 minutes on Friday / 15 minutes on Saturday and Sunday)

  • The new energy of the future - University of Groningen Faculty of Science and Engineering

  • After a fruitful tour of the Netherlands, the ‘Your Future Energy’ lorry will take a pit stop at the festival to debate with visitors over huge energy issues which we will face over the next few decades.

    Solar cell

    The solar cell specialists in the truck will teach you how to make your own solar panel, all in one day!

    Practical Information: FR-EN-NL / 8 to 15 years / 30 people / all day (Time: 45 minutes on Friday / 10 minutes on Saturday and Sunday)

  • The Muséobus - Wallonia-Brussels Federation Muséobus Service

  • The Muséobus is a travelling museum with a dynamic exhibition space on wheels and is open to all. It is an original and unique cultural tool traversing the Wallonia-Brussels area. It travels the streets and districts of the towns and villages in Wallonia and Brussels.  

    What is agriculture?

    All the resources of a modern exhibition are compiled here to explain all the fields that make up agriculture in a fun and informative way.

    Practical Information: FR / all audiences / 35 people / all day

  • The Tech Truck - FablabMobile Brussels

  • The Tech Truck will show you many different technologies such as 3D printing, laser cutting and engraving, and robotics, all under the supervision of our experts who will be at your service.

    Discovering the world of fab labs

    Innovative technologies and robot programming workshops will be on the agenda, along with modular electronics, all explained by our seasoned presenters.

    Practical Information: FR-NL / 8 to 15 years / 25 people / all day (Time: 1 hour on Friday / all day on Saturday and Sunday)

  • Mystery bus

  • For this year’s edition, we’re welcoming a mystery bus!
    The bus will be revealed shortly before the festival opens and is packed full with all the latest technologies!
    Data management, virtual reality, drones, smart cameras... will all be present during the festival.

    Practical Information: NL / 10 years + / 25 people / all day (Time: 20 minutes)

  • A Park of Sound - Sound experience in the Osseghem Park - BOZAR

    Discover the musical app, which uses geolocation technology to rethink ways of experiencing. The smartphone application enables you to explore different sounds, ranging from synthetic to organic depending on the environment you find yourself in during the walk.

    Practical information: FR-NL / all audiences / all day (Time: 30 min) / Place : Osseghem Park / This activity does not require advanced registration / The walk is done by your own means with your smartphone after downloading the free application. It will be available as of 26 April 2019 on Android and IOS. It is suggested to bring your headphones/earphones.

    A Park of Sound: Soundwalk and creative workshop - BOZAR

    During the Sound walk in Osseghem Park, you will explore how technology can influence the way we experience sound and our environment. Then Gluon, an art platform, science and technology, will take you on a journey of discovery of VR techniques, augmented reality in 3D printing, to translate the sound experience into virtual imaging.

    Practical information: FR-NL-EN / 14 years + / 25 people / 4 workshops per day (Time: 2 hours) / Friday: 9 AM / 10:30 AM / 12 PM / 1:30 PM / Place: Osseghem Park. Meeting point : the BOZAR stand at Brussels Expo.

    Bruocsella. Movement for transition - BOZAR

    Don't miss the exploratory walks organised by EM (Ecole Mondiale) in the Jette-Ganshoren Marsh. This artistic innitiative will teach you to observe the environment and landscape, raising awareness of the need to protect the ecosystem. It also an attempt to change the existing political model.

    Practical information: FR-NL / 14 years + / 25 people / 2 workshops per day (Time: 2 hours) / Friday: 10 AM / 1 PM / Place:  Marais de Jette-Ganshoren. Meeting point: to determine after registration.