Brussels Expo - Indoor

Brussels Expo - Indoor

You will find here a description of the exhibitors inside.

This year, you do not need to pre-book any event or performance. However, some workshops and shows will happen at fixed times. You will shortly be able to access the timetable by downloading the programme on our website. 


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  • Performances

    The shows presented below take place as scheduled at the podium. This year, you do not need to pre-book any performances.

    You will shortly be able to access the timetable on our website.

    Pilouface - head or tails? When clowns show you that nothing is what it seems – L’île logique

  • Mr Pile and Mr Face, two clown scientists, transport you to their world of abstract science which, it turns out, aren’t really all that abstract. A wacky show that deals with failure and authority to open the door to theoretical scientific questions.

    Practical information: FR / 7 years + / 150 people / Podium / 
    Friday: 9:30 AM / Saturday: 3:45 PM / Sunday: 11:30 AM (Time: 1 hour)

  • αβ - GRAVITY - Ensemble Leporello & Cie des Mutants

  • Leporello offers a poetic interlude to admire the wonderful workings of Mother Nature. An interactive laboratory shows where positive sciences and universal natural laws will blow you away.

    Practical information: FR / all audiences / 150 people / Podium / Friday: 12:15 PM / Saturday: 2 PM / Sunday: 2 PM (Time: 1 hour - 1h15)

  • Science makes its own cinema – ULB INFORSCIENCES

  • Cinema is chemistry! Since its origins, cinema has been a blend of chemical and physical technologies. Light, sound and movement, colours and 3D... An ambitious, dazzling show!

    Practical information: FR / 14 years + / 150 people / Podium / Friday: 2 PM / Saturday: 11 AM (Time: 1h45)

  • Photonics Science Show – VUB, B-PHOT Brussels Photonics

  • A dynamic show (including experiments!) which plunges young people into the world of photons. Doctoral students doing research at VUB’s B-PHOT will unpack and explain the magic of fibre optics and its numerous uses. 

    Practical information: NL-EN / 15 years + / 150 people / Podium / Friday: 11 AM (Time: 30 minutes)

  • Workshops

    Discovering electricity - Scienceinfuse UCLouvain

  • An observation, manipulation and challenge workshop that allows primary school students to discover all the secrets of electricity in an active and fun way.

    Practical information: FR / 9 to 12 years / 25 people / Workshop room 1&2 / Friday: Two workshops run in parallel: 9:30 AM / 10:30 AM / 12:30 PM / 1:30 PM / (Time: 50 minutes)

  • I love Amper Slim – Odisee

  • Immerse yourself in the specialisations of the future

    Access Amper Slim's account and start making your own news reports on what's happening at the festival.

    - Practical info: NL / 16 years + / 10 people / Conference room

    - Friday: 9:30 AM / 2 PM (Time: 2 hours)

    Share experiences with future stakeholders committed to the present and beyond

    Live sessions with testimonials from STEM role models, who will share their experiences from a career in STEM via interview.

    - Practical info: NL-EN / 17 years + / 20 people / Workshop room 2

    - Saturday: 12:00 PM / Sunday: 1:30 PM (Time: 30 minutes)

  • Build a radio receiver – Euro Space Center

  • Build a small FM radio receiver and take it home to listen to your favourite station!

    Practical information: FR-NL / 8 years + / 20 people / Friday: 10:30 AM / 12:00 PM / 2 PM / Stand (Time: 1hour) / Saturday / Sunday: 10:30 AM / 12:00 PM / 2 PM / 3:30 PM / Workshop room 1 (Time: 1 hour)

  • Do you know Shôgi?- Belgian Shôgi Federation

  • Shôgi is the Japanese version of chess. Learn Shôgi and discover this popular game that is part of the ancestral culture of the land of the rising sun. 

    Practical information: FR/EN /5 years + / 20 people  

    Saturday:All day : 10h-11h30/ 13h-18h / Sunday : 10h-13h / 14h30-18h – Workshop room 2 (Time : 30min) 

  • Conferences 

    Big Data, New Technologies & Global Challenges– Dalberg Data Insights

  • Conference: Big Data, new technologies and Smart Cities

    Presentation of Dalberg Data Insights projects for the cities of Kampala in Uganda and Port-au-Prince in Haiti. The conference will present a technical, detailed view of the methodologies and scientific technologies, the types of data used, and future prognoses within the Smart City context.

    Practical information: FR-EN / 16 years + / 30 people / Conference room - Saturday: 3 PM/ Sunday: 11:30 AM (Time: 30 minutes)

    Conference: Big Data, new technologies and food security

    Presentation of food security and agritech projects. The conference will present a technical, detailed view of the methodologies and scientific technologies, the types of data used, and future prognoses within the context of food security, agritech and the empowerment of agricultural minorities.

    Practical information: FR / 16 years + / 30 people / Conference room / Saturday: 11:00 AM / Sunday: 2:30 PM (Time: 30 minutes)

  • Why don't we talk about science and research in Brussels? -

  • Throughout the festival, invites you to come listen to Brussels researchers discuss their work. The language used is simple and imaginative, so come and discuss science!

    Round table 1 : Who came first? The dinosaur or the egg?

    With Dr Koen Stein, palaeontologist at the VUB

    Practical info : Only available in Dutch / 12 years and over / Conference Room

    Saturday: 10:15 (length: 45min)

    Round table 2 : "Elementary My Dear Mendeleev!"

    The periodic table is 150 years old this year! But there’s not a wrinkle in sight with Dr Cécile Moucheron (ULB).

    Practical info: FR / 12 year and + / Conference room

    Saturday : 12:30 (Time : 45min)

    Round table 3 : In Brussels too the Earth is shaking!

    Each year, the seismometers of the Royal Observatory of Belgium detect dozens of earthquakes occurring in the country or in its immediate vicinity. In 2018, 65 earthquakes were detected.

    With Dr Michel Van Camp from the Royal Observatory of Belgium

    Practical info: FR /NL / 12 jaar en+ / Conference room

    Saturday: 14:00 (Time : 45min)

    Round table 4 : Alcohol, tobacco, drugs... What happens to our brains when we relapse?

    With Elisa Schröder, PhD student FNRS (FRESH) at ULB/CHU Brugmann.

    Practical info: NL / 12 years + / Conference room

    Sunday: 10:30 AM (Time : 45min)

    Round table 5 : How are scientific exhibitions born?

    A behind-the-scenes look at the museum of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, with biologist and museologist Sophie Boitsios!

    Practical info: FR/NL / 12 jaar en + / Conference room

    Sunday: 12:30 (Time: 45min)

    Round table 6 : Two kilos of aliens are squatting in our intestines!

    Two kilos of aliens are squatting in our intestines. What do we know about these bacteria that are essential to our health? By Professor Patrice Cani of UCLouvain.

    Practical info: FR / 12 jaar en + / Conference room

    Sunday: 15:30 (Time: 45min)

  • Activities

  • A stand where universities offer you fun activities that will get you involved, let you discover science and participate in a multitude of activities on studies and careers in scientific fields.

  • The Philomobile spaceship – Odisee Hogeschool

  • Philonautes invite you to their philomobile, a spaceship filled with strange objects and stimulating little experiments that let you ponder and seek answers to the great questions of life on earth.

  • Micro-droplets for life - ULiège - Essaimeurs de savoir

  • Diagnosing cancer with micro-drops? This is what is proposed during this microscopic session, that combines physics and medicine. Observe micro-drops, detect cancer cells and question researchers!

  • Drone experiences - Taneo

  • Experience a breath-taking virtual reality journey driving a 4x4 on a circuit; or flying away into the world of drones by learning about dual control flight.

  • Day in the life of a bee - Apis Bruoc Sella

  • Have you always dreamed of smelling and seeing like a bee? Immerse yourself in our sensory tunnel and discover the fascinating world of bees. It's a unique experience.

  • Discovering the world of insects - Little Food

  • Insects will be essential to meet the food challenges of tomorrow. An original animation to know everything about these very useful little animals and this urban breeding activity... there will be tasting sessions too!

  • I love Amper Slim – Odisee

  • Immerse yourself in the specialisations of the future

    Access Amper Slim's account and start making your own news reports on what's happening at the festival.

    - Practical info: NL / 16 years + / 10 people / Conference room

    - Friday: 9:30 AM / 2 PM (Time: 2 hours)

    Share experiences with future stakeholders committed to the present and beyond

    Live sessions with testimonials from STEM role models, who will share their experiences from a career in STEM via interview.

    - Practical info: NL-EN / 17 years + / 20 people / Workshop room 2

    - Saturday: 12:00 PM / Sunday: 1:30 PM (Time: 30 minutes)

  • What can we see with modern sensors? - VUB – Rapptorlab

  • A very informative multimodal camera demonstration. Discover its multiple image and sound sensors and how to protect your privacy. 

  • Catalysts and activated carbons: green chemistry in everyday life – Institut Meurice (HELdB) – Labiris

  • Catalysts and activated carbons: green chemistry in everyday life: What's in the catalytic converters in our cars or the filter in our water jugs... How do they work? An applied chemistry exhibition that will immerse you in the world of catalysts and activated carbons

  • A test of mobility in public spaces - Wemoov

  • Obstacle courses, skill competitions, legislation competitions, safety rules or driving simulations on public roads, etc. An animation for young and old that allows you to test lots of micro-mobility machines and solutions, and their impact on the environment.

  • Explore Science – ULB INFORSCIENCES

  • An exhibition on the science that is hidden in everyday objects, an escape game, conferences in virtual reality...Explorescience@ULB will blow you away.

  • The power of plants - L’herboriste ambulant

  • A herbal workshop to learn how to enjoy the benefits of medicinal plants in a simple and safe way. Learn how to extract their active ingredients, create soaps, syrups, essential oils and leave with these products and new knowledge.

  • The Seriously Scientific Village – Les Petits Débrouillards

  • Enter the Village of ‘les Petits Débrouillards’ and discover an active, participatory and experimental pedagogy that teachers and community centre leaders can reproduce with simple everyday materials. It is also an opportunity - with the whole family - to cultivate curiosity, inventiveness and the pleasure of understanding the world around us.

  • Speculative Futures – BOZAR

  • BOZAR is organising a weekend of events at the Centre for Fine Arts and Palais 1, highlighting the links between art and science. Exhibitions, conferences, debates, experimental walks, virtual reality and a musical app will demonstrate how technology can be used for the benefit of the human species, of society and biodiversity, aiming to preserve the future of humanity.

    Practical information: FR-NL-EN / 8 years + / All day

  • A taste of science – Pint of Science & Talk Cosmic to me

  • A science cafe to discover, discuss... and participate in fun activities that make science open to all, with a drink, or a coffee!

  • Rainbow – Plus qu’hier et moins que demain

  • A colourful animation that will bring science to children aged 4 to 6 and their teachers.

  • Work together to build a sustainable city of the future – VUB Architectural Engineering

  • Interactive activities and a multimedia exhibition for all, which reveal how Brussels' architecture and structure make it an intelligent and sustainable city.

  • Biotechnology for all! – Culture in Vivo

  • (Safely) genetically modified bacteria, micro-organisms, embryonated chicken eggs... A wide array of biotechnologies to discover with science instructors who will be happy to answer all your questions related to this field, in which there are many professional careers with bright futures.

  • Barcodes made of Lego – IRISIB

  • Don't think that technology is glamorous? Here we prove the opposite with a team game built... in LEGO, which will reveal the secrets of barcodes and introduce you to the programming of industrial robots. What an exciting line-up!

  • Stars in your eyes – Planetarium of the Royal Observatory of Belgium

  • A mobile planetarium that will take you on a journey through space and have your head in the stars.

  • Challenges of future model cities – Dalberg Data Insights

  • This project raises awareness among the younger generations of the major challenges of urban growth, which offers exciting prospects for "smart cities".

  • In flesh and blood – Museum of Medicine

  • Card games, models to dismantle... this entertaining workshop introduces children to the organs that make up their bodies and the role that each of them plays in human anatomy.

  • Go paragliding in virtual reality – IRISIB

  • Take a seat in this paragliding simulator and enjoy a stunning virtual reality experience. It's an ideal opportunity to see all the scientific and technological aspects that are hidden in this extraordinary experience.

  • The Brussels Open Biolab – Erasmushogeschool Brussel

  • An introduction in "open biolab" mode for all those interested in life sciences.

  • A living photo disguised as a selfie! – Erasmushogeschool Brussel

  • A unique participative artistic installation centred on the logo of the Brussels-Capital Region, which serves as an example of a "levogram": a living photo created by the growth of yeast cells... A truly original installation!

  • Turn on the lights – VUB, B-PHOT Brussels Photonics

  • Come and discover the different properties of light! Different prototypes of workshops will be presented to you and will show you what photonics is capable of. Or come and create your own hologram or work of art with polarization! 

  • Cap Sciences Village

  • The Cap Sciences Village is a gathering of amazing scientific activities! Follow in the footsteps of the dinosaurs by carrying out a paleontological dig, become a forensic expert and find clues at a real crime scene, learn how to programme robots... Head to this village of mad scientists and experience an unforgettable moment of discovery! 

  • Science Expo / Science Worlds – Jeunesses scientifiques & VUB

  • Science Expo offers fully bilingual (French and Dutch) science project exhibitions for schools, associations and international institutes. It has been a hit for over 30 years! On Sunday, Science Worlds immerses you in science with a capital "S", with an exciting team game: enigmas, challenges, parallel worlds, etc. you'll love it!

  • Eyes and diabetes – Vrije Universiteit Brussel

  • An animation to raise the public's awareness of diabetic retinopathy, an eye condition that affects one-third of people with diabetes.

  • Become and astronaut! – Euro Space Center

  • Set off on a voyage into the daily life of an astronaut, relive the first trip into space, and walk on the Moon and Mars. Discover our fascinating universe, just like Buzz Lightyear! 

  • Robot Code - La Scientothèque

  • Get a head start in the technological revolution with Scientothèque, who will introduce you to the activities that will become part of our daily lives in the future, like coding, controlling robots, and plenty of other futuristic objects. 

  • Augmented Reality - Curling & Cadwels

  • Screening of an augmented reality video that is a journey inside the human body that helps viewers understand it better. The topics will relate to health and be interspersed with the recommendations of Brussels specialists. Specialists will be on-site to answer questions related to the video that the audience has just seen.

  • Discovering the Ahooga electric bike - Ahooga Bike

  • Ahooga will show you its complete range of hyperlight bikes (foldable or modular), all of which are state-of-the-art in terms of quality and sustainable development and are easy to use in smart cities.

  • Enter Schumacher’s world – Cools Group

  • Become a Formula 1 driver with the race simulators provided by Cools Group. E-sport is honored

  • Fly like a bird … in VR - Poolpio

  • Live an out of this world experience with the ICAROS VR flying simulator. The perfect opportunity for people of all ages to fly over mountains like a bird.

  • Silver Surfer multiplayer - Vigo Universal

  • Race against the clock in a virtual world... Standing on a skateboard, the two players must keep control of their movements. Mario Kart fans will be delighted.

    Practical info: FR/NL/EN / 8 years + / all day (Time: 2 minutes)

  • 2025 Strategy - GO4Brussels

  • Public authorities are committed to introducing a series of measures to improve life in Brussels, taking into account the changing paradigms triggered by this digital age. In this workshop, they will take stock of what they have achieved so far and will look ahead to things to come.

  • VR Cocoon - E-technologing

  • Put VR goggles on, choose your theme (cartoons, roller-coaster, nature, underwater, ski,…) and dare to climb in one of the egg shaped chairs. They will move according to your projection. Dare !

  • Code discovery – We are Coders

  • Are you a fan of Mario, Snake, Flappy Bird, Minecraft,… Take part in our discovery code and come join our stand. You will get to discover the Scratch universe, learn how to create your first game and many more surprises !

  • Technology as a cornerstone of society - VUB - INDI

  • This project to contribute to a better society reveals how technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) capture environmental parameters such as air quality, temperature or humidity, as well as sounds, activity levels and emotions in real time. 

  • Pop-up silent disco with sustainable dance floor– Hexa Structures

  • A silent disco with an energy-generating dance floor.