ILSF is the science and technology festival for everyone in Brussels!

The first edition of the I Love Science Festival will run from Friday 27 April to Sunday 29 April 2018 at Tour and Taxis in Brussels. Many members of the scientific community will be on hand to provide fun, interactive activities for families and schools. This festival will delight visitors of all ages who will have the opportunity to discover how science impacts their everyday lives.

There they will be able to get acquainted with our country's flagship scientific institutions, participate in activities ranging from special events, shows, exhibitions, workshops, open labs, round tables, and even catch a glimpse of the unique concept of science trucks, gathering for the first time in Belgium. Visitors, who will be more than mere observers, will be immerged in the world of science

To make things easier, certain workshops and booth activities are encouraging online registration at the site for Friday (school groups) and/or the weekend as well. Don't wait to register in advance for the workshops that interest you!

Festival admission is free for everyone!