Tour & Taxis Indoor

Tour & Taxis Indoor

You will find here a description of the exhibitors inside. Most activities and shows do not require advance registration. However, advance registration is available for certain workshops.

  • Performances

    The shows presented below take place as scheduled at the podium. Advance registration is available for school groups (friday).

    Cerclo Sapiens - Al Kymia - FR

  • Marcelin’s hoops will take you on a journey to the vast and unknown universe of mathematics where they’ll show you the secrets of the fascinating universe of the circle. Cerclo Sapiens is a mesmerizing spectacle where decimals and topological rings are expressed between tensions and doubt.

    Practical information: FR - 45min - 3x/day - ages 8 years and up, families - 100 persons – Friday/Saturday/Sunday

    With the support of the Ernest Solvay Fund managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, the Fabrique de Théâtre of Mons, the Foyer Socioculturel of Antoing, Wallonia, DG06, the Federation Wallonia-Brussels, and the national Lottery.

    Advance registration is available

  • Alfabeta - Ensemble Leporello - FR/NL/EN

  • Like art, science is a way to tap into the invisible forces that underlie the visible natural world. In ALFABETA, the Leporello Ensemble intends to explain and illustrate a few essential principles of the sciences. On stage an ingenious set-up is by turns a laboratory and a demonstration space. The show combines authentic scientific expertise (β) with poetry (α).

    ALFABETA is a joint production with Compagnie des Mutants - La Louvière / ALFABETA was created in association with Fisheye and the ULB Experimentarium

    Practical information: FR/NL/EN - 15min - 3x/day - ages 7 years and up, families - 150 persons - Friday/Saturday/Sunday

    Advance registration is available

  • Science & Magic? – ULB Inforsciences – FR

  • The fascinating 'Science & Magic' show will let you peek behind the curtain and learn the secrets of magic tricks... Through their experiments and physical and chemical explanations, professionals will transport you and your family to a world of unveiled mysteries.

    Practical information: FR - 1h10 - ages 10 years and up, families - 150 persons -  Friday/Saturday

    Advance registration is available

  • Activities

  • Drone and gaming – Carbon 12011 FR/NL/EN

  • A variety of activities geared towards gaming and drones will be available to you: history of video games, vintage video game demonstration terminals, Formula 1 simulator, video game competitions, the drone phenomenon and its history, flight zone and drone races, jumbo screen with stunning videos, build your own drone, and much more!

  • Augmented Reality - Curling & Cadwels - FR/NL/EN

  • Screening of an augmented reality video that is a journey inside the human body that helps viewers understand it better. The topics will relate to health and be interspersed with the recommendations of Brussels specialists. Specialists will be on-site to answer questions related to the video that the audience has just seen.

  • Sustainable mobility - Wemoov - FR/NL/EN

  • A large course in Tour & Taxis will be set up so that you can test new soft mobility devices (gyropods, hoverboards, gyrowheels, electric scooters...) In order to acquaint visitors with the devices, facilitators are available to accompany each person through the course. Naturally the course is accessible to children and adults alike.

  • Multi-axis chair - Eurospace Center- FR/NL/EN

  • Eurospace Centre will be on hand with a rotational chair that mimics the sensation of the disorientation that one can experience in space on board a capsule. Using the multi-axis chair is part of the astronaut training programme! Happy exploring!

  • Where does our electricity come from?  - ScienceInfuse UCL - FR

  • ScienceInfuse lets you in on the secrets of electricity: How is it produced? What sources of energy are used to make it? What are their advantages and drawbacks? This workshop is also an opportunity to reflect on our ever more voracious appetite for electricity and to understand its consequences in our highly connected world.

    Advance registration for certain workshops is available

  • Science Expo - Jeunesses Scientifiques de Belgique & Wtnschp-VUB - FR/NL/EN

  • Science Expo is the premiere fair for budding Belgian inventors. Groups of young people (ages 5 to 20) have been working on scientific or technical projects for months. This fair is the showcase for their creations which they proudly present to the public and experts. And for science buffs: over 100 activities and experiments galore (3D printers, chemistry labs, robots)…

    More info :

    Advance registration for certain workshops is available

  • Microbiology for sustainable development - Meurice R&D – FR/NL

  • Raising fish with vegetables that will purify these fish's water. Using bacteria to extract the gold and silver contained in electronic waste. This is what you will discover in these "aquaponics" and "biohydrometallurgy" activities, two marvellous examples of circular economy.

  • Dissect the city! - VUB ARCH -  FR/NL/EN

  • The Ontleed de stad! Project (Dissect the city!) invites the young and not-so-young to discover architectonic engineering and demonstrates in an interactive manner how the buildings that are part of our everyday life conceal many more secrets that it would appear at first glance. Arrange your own city and assess the importance of modularity and adaptability, use soap bubbles to construct buildings, learn how moulds open the door to environmentally friendly materials and how computers help us build more intelligently. Through these activities and many others besides, visitors of all ages realise that cities cannot be reduced to a simple cluster of buildings.

    Advance registration is available for certain workshops 

  • The bee and the flower - Apis Bruoc Sella - FR

  • Apis Bruoc Sella will take you on a journey through the land of flowers and bees that have been sharing a story of love and pollen for 100 million years. Smell, see, and taste like a bee. With these multi-sensory experiences you will be put through your paces and understand why bees are so vital for life on Earth!

  • The village of ʽʽLes Petits Débrouillardsʼʼ - FR

  • The Petits Débrouillards will set up their inventive village in order to experiment, discover, and cultivate an interest in the science that pop up in our everyday life. For teachers, young Brussels students, and curious (older) students who will come away with 1,000 ideas to try in class. For families, friends, and anyone who wants to try out - in real time - the mind-blowing "Petits Debs" method. It's a matter of doing science with equipment from everyday life to discover air, magnetism, equilibrium, and other concepts. Over fifteen activities in 10 to 20 minute slots, no registration required Saturday and Sunday (come and go as you please).

    Advance registration is available for certain workshops

  • Open BioLab Brussels - Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel

  • Haven't you always wanted to know how many microbes are thriving on your mobile phone? Take the test in our "Let's swab" workshop. There you will learn how to transfer micro-organisms from a mobile phone to a Petri dish where they can multiply rapidly. Or maybe you've been dreaming of seeing DNA? Register without delay for our "Cut DNA" workshop. There you will cut DNA and separate its fragments in a gel. You will also learn how to use a micro-pipette, the ultimate tool of any self-respecting biotechnologist. Are you hooked? Have you developed a taste for it? Also go and see our "do-it-yourself" laboratory equipment that you can make on your own in each fab-lab.

    Advance registration is available for certain workshops

  • Animation stand of the Scité Network – ULB Inforsciences - FR

  • The Scité Network which comprises the five science distribution units of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation universities (ULB, UCL, ULiège, Umons, and UNamur), will introduce you to the fascinating world of science through fun and relevant activities. It will also be a chance to find a plethora of precious information on study and career opportunities in scientific fields.

  • ROBOT-COD - La Scientothèque – FR/NL

  • On Friday the Scientotheque will introduce schoolchildren - and any curious young people ages 8 and up stopping by over the weekend - to the world of coding, the basics of algorithms in a fun way, and programming all manner of small robots. Quite a programme!

    Advance registration is available for certain workshops

  • The Philomobile - Odisee - FR/NL/EN

  • Can it rain in space? How can you explain to an alien what a  human being is? Can you catch air? The Philomobile is landing in Brussels. The Philomobile is a spacecraft inhabited by Explonauts, curious aliens fascinated by the earth and its residents. They invite children to join them in  conducting their research. They wish to study unusual questions about science, nature, and technology with them.

    Advance registration is available for certain workshops

  • Round tables for all – Daily Science FR/NL

  • Daily Science plans to organise over the three days of this first  I Love Science Festival a series of public debates with Brussels scientists. The idea is to show that in Brussels, science and research comes in many forms that may be fascinating, enriching, exciting and affect all of us in our everyday lives. The language used will be simple and illustrated. These round tables will be accessible to everyone.

  • Silver Surfer - Vigo Universal - FR

  • Vigo Universal invites you to a time trial in a virtual world... Standing on a skateboard, the player must keep control of his movements. This activity will delight all of those Mario Kart fans!

  • Planetarium – Association Sirius - FR

  • The heavens won't be able to keep any secrets from you when you come and discover the Big Dipper, Cassiopea, Andromeda, and many other constellations in this planetarium. You will discover that the sky is teeming with stories and legends! You will also travel billions of light years across the universe in an astronomical simulator. An experience you won't want to miss!

  • Electrostatic phenomena - Univers Science - FR

  • While certain electrostatic phenomena arefamiliar to us, others have no apparent explanation. Why do we get a shock when we touch the body of our cars? Why does our hair stand on end when we comb it? Come and explore the impressive experiments of theParis Discovery Palace!

  • Artificial Intelligence Between Humour, Fear & Utopia – BOZAR - FR/NL/EN

  • Six artists residing in Brussels look at the crucial question of the impact of artificial intelligence on society with a look tinged with humour, anguish and utopian hopes. In their work, they reveal the interactions between man and machine and question the cultural, philosophical and spiritual dimensions of this phenomenon that affects us all.

  • Being human – living together – Les Petits Débrouillards - FR

  • At a time when identity tensions are  proliferating,  and taking on different forms that are more radical and even violent, situations where "living together" is jeopardised are more and more frequent. The exhibition "Being human - Living together," co-designed by the Lilian Thuram Foundation - Education against racism and the French Clever Kids Foundation (AFPD) proposes to provide everyone with the tools to educate young people about "living together" and fighting racism. This exhibition examines the ideas of diversity,  equality, stereotypes, prejudice, racism, gender, interculturalism, etc...

  •  Crickets have it all - Little Food  - FR/NL/EN 

  • Dive into the exciting world of tomorrow's agriculture. Go with the flow and enjoy a fun scientific and culinary activity and journey through the topics of entomophagy, urban farming, and food.

  • Domiverse - Haunted Tie  - FR/NL/EN

  • Each competitor has a misused skill that lets him fight dirty. Teleportation, double-flips, precision shooting, laser sausage, take your pick! Unlock hidden characters, comics telling the story of the gladiators participating in the Domiverse tournament.

  • Natural cosmetic products - The itinerant herbalist- FR/EN

  • Come make your own soap using a “cold” method and with simple and natural techniques. Or, create your own balm with beeswax and plants. Herbalists will welcome yand accompany you step by step in the manufacturing of your products! Each participant leaves with his finished product.