Tour & Taxis Outdoor

Tour & Taxis Outdoor

You will find here a description of the exhibitors outside.

  • Science Trucks Festival – Cap Sciences

    With Cap Sciences' Science Trucks Festival trucks, pick-ups, and other vehicles transformed into mobile laboratories that will come together in the heart of Brussels to disseminate scientific culture throughout Europe. Calling curious people of all ages and backgrounds who dream of new interactions and experiences.

    Advance registration is available for school groups (Friday) on their website:

  • 1. Cap Sciences Village FR/NL

  • Children ages 7-12 will have access to a body of  pedagogical activities supervised  by enthusiastic facilitators. Children will programme real robots, conduct palaeontological digs, manufacture slime, and even analyse clues at a crime scene just like forensic investigators. A mix of fun workshops you won't want to miss for any reason!

  • 2. Laborabus - FR/EN

  • You will understand everything about the physical and biological principles associated with the emission, propagation, and reception of a sound through an interactive activity. There will also be a presentation of a few interactive "Modulo'son" exhibition modules in front of the truck...

  • 3. Scientibus - FR/EN

  • The Scientibus is an old bus transformed into a travelling lab. This extraordinary lab explores science in a different way by making the public take part in modern and surprising scientific experiments. Three workshops are scheduled around different themes : optical fibres and lasers, superconductive levitation electrostatics and microscopic observation. 

  • 4. Plastimobile - FR/EN

  • At a time when the environment is top of mind and waste must be called into question. The Plastimobile offers a travelling workshop that manufactures and recycles plastic parts.

  • 5. XperiLAB - FR/NL/EN

  • Children will have the opportunity to complete different scientific experiments in subjects ranging widely from biology and chemistry to physics and modern technology. The activity includes a session with three experiments and a short debriefing.

  • 6. Your Energy of Tomorrow - FR/NL/EN/DE

  • Hailing from the Netherlands, this truck invites young people to collaborate in researching solutions to challenges: where will you get your energy in 2030? How will you heat your house in 2040? Will there still be cars in 2050?

  • 7. Teck-Truck - FR/NL

  • Brussels Mobile Fab-Lab's TECHTRUCK lets you explore "Maker and Fab-Lab" digital production technologies: 3D printing, laser cutting or etching, modular electronics, robotics, and programming. Mini-workshops will also be organized to teach robot programming.

  • 8. Les Petits Débrouillards (The Clever Kids) - FR

  • Clever Kids offers two outdoor booths, one focused on digital realm and the interface between humans and computers, learning about code and smart objects. The other on the world of the living based on anatomy, biodiversity and reproduction.

  • 9. The Propeller - FR/EN/ES

  • Movable 60 m² space that offers a number of fun and creative workshops open to all.  There you can try out innovative technologies (3D printer, vinyl cutting, laser cutting, etc., manufacture and create objects using digitally operated machines, and participate in different scientific activities...

  • 10. The Big Eight - FR

  • Participants will enjoy testing their balance, control, and skill on these amusing and original bicycles!

  • Electric car - DriveNow - FR/NL/EN

  • At this booth you will have the opportunity to test drive a BMW I3 electric car in the city via DriveNow...