Chefs - December/January

Winter menu 2021 - by Yves Mattagne

  • Yves Mattagne

    Born in 1963, Yves Mattagne started his career - after completing his military service with the Belgian navy - in the various kitchens of the Hilton International Hotel Brussels. Having worked for the Brussels Hilton for three years, he then moved on to the Hilton International Gatwick in London, where for 2 years he was the chef of their gastronomic restaurant. When he returned to Belgium, he assisted famous Belgian chef, Michel Beyls at "l'Orangerie". 


    The next step in his gastronomic career came at "Le Divellec" in Paris for 8 months, training for the opening of the Sea Grill, located in the Radisson SAS Royal Hotel in Brussels, where he became chef in January 1990. In 1991, he was awarded his first Michelin Star, followed by a second in 1997. In 2010, he became the owner of the Sea Grill.

    The restaurant closed its doors in December 2019 after 30 years, before relocating in summer 2020 to the current La Villa Lorraine in Uccle. Yves Mattagne will be running a popup called Art Club at the famous place Royale, where he will offer dishes with flavours from around the world, inspired by his journeys and based on sharing.

    In September 2019 Yves Mattagne launched the first Gaufres & Waffles, together with his son Sebastien, David Ghysels and Michael Chiche (of Dinner in the Sky fame). They offer authentic Brussels waffles with either savoury or sweet toppings. In December, they opened a second Gaufres & Waffles at the famous WOLF Food Market. 

  • A menu created by the chefs, prepared by the caterer Thibault Granville – Taste Great.

    Menu proposed from 29th of November 2021 until 30th of January 2022