Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to get an invoice/VAT voucher?

If you require an invoice for your company, you must make your reservation via email to and pay by bank transfer. No invoice will be sent if you have booked and paid online.
A VAT receipt will automatically be sent to you electronically the day after your trip on the Tram Experience.

Where can I find a parking facility nearby?

Place Poelaert: interparking Sablon-Poelaert

Do you take dietary requirements into account?

Yes, you can choose a meatless formula when making the reservation.

Given the limited space available in the kitchen onboard the tram, it is unfortunately not possible to fulfill special requests related to any food allergies.

How does the reservation work?

Given the sizeable number of requests for reservations onboard the Tram Experience, it is unfortunately impossible for us to reserve seats without immediate payment for them. The only online payment methods possible are therefore by credit card or by bank card. If you cannot pay online, you can also visit our offices for payment in person (Grand Place and/or Rue Royale 2-4).

Is it possible to book for 3 or for another number of people?

The Tram Experience is not designed for reservations for odd numbers of passengers; the tables are for 2 or 4 people. It is therefore not possible to group tables.

Is it possible to book the entire tram?

Yes, only on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
It also is possible to reserve 16 or 18 places aboard regularly scheduled transport.
For more info, please send an e-mail to            

What is the tram's capacity?

34 seats: 7 tables of 2, and 5 tables of 4

How many people from the staff are on board?

One headwaiter, two waiters, one chef and his assistant... and the driver of course.

Are there toilets on board?


What is the dress code?

Smart casual

Do the seats impose restrictions regarding space?

The Tram Experience has fixed seats for 1 or 2 places. Technical constraints related to securing the onboard furnishings do not allow us to offer variable seating. The space available for this seating can therefore be relatively limited.

Is the tram accessible to persons with reduced mobility?

Unfortunately, the model of this Tram is not equipped for that purpose.
Is their heating and air conditioning in the tram?

As in all trams, heating is generated by the braking system; furthermore, a ventilation system is provided and the upper parts of the windows are of the folding wing type.

What about children onboard?

The Tram Experience is not planned for young children and does not have the space or additional facilities to accommodate them. For older children, it is necessary to reserve an adult menu.

What about your personal effects?

As the Tram Experience offers a trip of approximately two hours in a restricted space, we advise you to bring only what is strictly necessary with regard to handbags, as we do not have areas specifically set aside for storing your personal effects.