Atelier Chocolat


31/10/2020 - 30/10/2021

Atelier Chocolat Atelier Chocolat Atelier Chocolat Atelier Chocolat Atelier Chocolat

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During this 2.5-hour workshop you’ll learn how to temper chocolate and, from it, craft 2 types of Belgian chocolates:

Pralines: The most famous Belgian chocolate, consisting of a delicate chocolate shell with a creamy filing. You’ll learn how to make both the shell and the filling from scratch!

Mendiants: Chocolate discs studded with dried fruits. Crispy and delicious!

You’ll make at least 30 chocolates, which you can either eat on the spot or take home to family and friends.

With our easy technique and chocolate theory, you’ll be able to make your own chocolates once you return home!

Please note that we currently only offer dark chocolate workshops.

Suitable for vegetarians. Vegan workshops are available upon request.

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