21/01/2020 - 21/01/2020


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In Così, director Tom Goossens and pianist Wouter Deltour (DESCHONECOMPANIE) set to work with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Lorenzo Da Ponte’s opera Così fan tutte.
Two actors, two classical singers, a pianist and a violinist take to the stage. Each of them plays a role in this story. Together they discuss and philosophise about the nature of physical trust. Don Alfonso, philosopher and pianist, claims that the two young men’s lovers will not be able to stay faithful to them in their absence. The men demand proof to the contrary, and together they set up an experiment. Despina, chamber maid and violinist, on the other hand, introduces the women to the joys of free love. Do the results prove Don Alfonso’s claims? Can love even be distilled into a structure at all?

Accompanied by pianist Wouter Deltour, director Tom Goossens presents an adaptation of the three Mozart-Da Ponte operas. Inventive props, captivating performances and impressive singing make Don Juan, Così, and Le Nozze a fresh introduction to opera for a new and young audience.

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