01/06/2017 - 31/12/2022


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Democracity is a role-playing game: in groups the participants form a political party and draw up their programme. By discussing with other parties and putting forward arguments, the participants build a city. They have to defend their priorities and take into account the reality of the budget. While they all experience the limitations and challenges of representative democracy, they learn more about the functioning of our institutions.

Youth organisations, senior citizens' groups, and associations can attend a Democracity workshop.
This workshop takes half a day and costs 50€ for a group.

The educational service also organises a training course for animators of organisations and associations. Afterwards, they can use a BELvue room free of charge to organise Democracity with their group.

To obtain more information and make a reservation, please contact the educational service directly: Patrick Pockelé.

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