14/01/2020 - 18/01/2020

L'Attentat L'Attentat L'Attentat L'Attentat L'Attentat L'Attentat L'Attentat

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Amine, surgeon and Arab Israeli citizen is called in to do emergency surgery on victims of a terrorist attack in Tel Aviv. At the end of this arduous day, he discovers that the suicide bomber was none other than his wife.

Why did she take this murderous action? How can one be in an intimate relationship with a woman and have no inkling of her intentions? Just like the Algerian writer Yasmina Khadra, whose book inspired him, Vincent Hennebicq follows this man to try to understand.

With Atta Nasser, of Palestinian origin who plays Amine, and filmmaker Jean-François Ravagnan, Vincent Hennebicq traveled through these regions with complex territorial and cultural identities. The team went to Israel and Palestine to meet people with different origins and religions to whom it told the story of L’Attentat. Using what they saw and heard in response to the story, the three men created a piece that goes from fiction to documentary and back. Music by Fabian Fiorini who plays his composition accompanied by three musicians and a solo singer.

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