Parcours découvertes pour les écoles


18/03/2021 - 04/07/2021

Parcours découvertes pour les écoles Parcours découvertes pour les écoles

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A guide takes the children on a journey of discovery into the world of Roger Raveel, one of the most famous contemporary Belgian artists. Raveel worked on the frontier of figuration and abstraction, and the frontier of reality and art. As such, he regularly exceeded the limitations of the traditional canvas. The children discover the colourful and abstract universe of the artist through stories and sensory creative activities. Raveel’s artworks give a good idea of the artist’s own living environment, with its simple, everyday things. They therefore also encourage the children to become more aware of what is going on around them.The pupils can:Understand art better: what is an artist? How they express themselves? How do you ‘read’ a piece of art?Discover who this unusual artist, Roger Raveel, is.Gain a sense of where Roger Raveel’s visual language comes from, and think about shapes and colours. Understand the link between the artist’s living environment and their art. Realise the artist’s themes in relation to their own universe. Get creative around the works themselves, in order to be able to understand them differently.  

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