VOID Collective - SARAᵀᴹ


24/02/2022 - 17/04/2022

VOID Collective - SARAᵀᴹ VOID Collective - SARAᵀᴹ

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The living tableau inside which spectators enter is a genuine production unit, which is activated by the collection of data and their transcoding in real time. Human forms inhabit the stage. Some are silently working to ensure the smooth running of a production line whose mechanisms seem obsolete. This anachronistic and time-consuming production area defies our understanding of our era and its high-performance standards. Other anthropomorphic avatars or synthetic voices pop up via screens or loudspeakers to guide the audience through the production process.

Through this project, VOID pursues its research into the formation of emptiness. Immateriality is invoked both by sound, an undulatory phenomenon devoid of its own substance, and by personal memory, a reminiscence of an intimate experience that lies deep inside our cortex.

VOID is a collective of visual artists composed of Arnaud Eeckhout (BE 1987) and Mauro Vitturini (IT 1985). Since 2013, both live and work in Brussels. They were the winners of the Prix Médiatine (2015) and the Salomon Residency Award at the ISCP New York (2019) and show their work both in Belgium and abroad.

Using the audio medium in much the same way as a painter does with his brush to outline the contours of reality, VOID pursues a visual search that questions sound as a vehicle of representation.

For the two artists, the invisibility and immateriality of sound is the starting point of an investigation that questions the phenomena of language and memory. Their multi-faceted works take many different forms including videos, installations, books, performances, drawings, objects, sound pieces or still, interventions in the public space.

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