Vacances vacance - Ondine Cloez


05/03/2020 - 07/03/2020

Vacances vacance - Ondine Cloez

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In Vacances vacance (Vacation vacuum), Ondine Cloez very humorously pays tribute to all the moments in which one is not exactly where one should be because one is late, elsewhere, on vacation, or having an out-of-body experience. The piece is made up of a back and forth between body and thought, little trips in which the goal is for absence to appear. The monologue gradually becomes a choreographed piece. In it, Ondine Cloez unfolds a thought, an uncontrollable flow of words in which she speaks of vacations, hypnosis, Near Death Experiences, awkwardness, stammering, Demosthenes, and above all, absence. She announces bodily states, and then physically experiments with them. She is outside of her body, beside it, in front of it, and behind it. Through emphasis, she succeeds at creating a strange dance, a dance she calls grace. And the piece ends with a challenge: to disappear while remaining present.

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