New Project (8.30pm) - Afro Jazz - Followed by Jazz Session (9.30pm)


14/12/2021 - 14/12/2021

New Project (8.30pm) - Afro Jazz - Followed by Jazz Session (9.30pm)

Le contenu n'étant pas disponible en Français, nous l'affichons dans une autre langue.

The music of Fabrice Mukuna evokes an almost folkloristic atmosphere that is reminiscent of his home village, its Luba-tongue and the land of Kasaï. The whole is infused with a more contemporary Western and jazz-like touch.
His band reflects the multicultural aspects of his music.
Through this compelling whole of colourful harmonies and powerful Afro Latino rhythmic cadenses, interaction with the public is also generously nourished and emphasized. A superb voyage ahead to start the Jam session.

Free entrance
Join us and set the stage on fire!

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