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Experience an unforgettable tourism and immersive adventure through scavenger hunts in Brussels offered by Quiveutpister!
While solving an investigation, track characters and discover tourism locations along your journey.
Our scavenger hunts are an entertaining way of discovering known or obscure parts of Brussels.
On the day of departure, the participants go to the location indicated. A briefcase consisting of a road book and various detectives’ accessories is given to each team.
The start is then signalled, and the teams begin their investigation.
Each team proceeds independently to try and find clues along an itinerary spanning an average distance ranging between 3 and 4 kilometres.
A team’s search for clues ends when it reaches the arrival location.
The team must then connect all clues gathered to establish its investigation report.
A ranking is then established, and a prize is awarded to the top-ranked team.
On average, the event takes 2 hours 30 minutes.