The Brussels-Capital Region’s business and leisure tourist office is henceforth called visit.brussels.

A short, clear, easy to remember name that meets the current criteria of international tourism. A name intended to intensify the image of Brussels abroad and to strengthen its presence in the new media.

The new logo consists of three inseparable elements: the iris symbolises the importance of tourism for the region, the name - in capitals for the capital of 500 million Europeans - is extended by streaks of acidulous colours depicting the DNA of Brussels, with all its diversity, profound values and omnipresent creativity.

This base, shared by all, is projected in different colours depending on the specific departments, media or areas: events, culture, business and congresses, art of living, etc. It is also a way to give concrete shape to the full diversity of the Region. A baseline underscores the major winning assets of Brussels, both small in size and large in competencies,but also its capacity to adapt to its visitors, irrespective of the purpose of their visit

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