Béjart, Parcours Libre


18/07/2017 - 18/07/2018

Béjart, Parcours Libre

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The Maison Béjart is a foundation of public utility that aims to promote the posterity of Maurice Béjart’s work and dance in general. But it is also a home and a place where the famous choreographer has lived for more than twenty years. Since the fifth birthday of the Maison Maurice Béjart that also remembers the disappearance of the choreographer (November 22nd, 2017), the Maison Béjart presents a permanent exhibition called "Béjart, Parcours Libre". Besides printed documents (programs, posters, photographs), the Maison Béjart keeps original documents that came out of the choreographer’s feather (correspondence, newspaper, texts) but also other various elements (models of decor, robots, sculptures, paintings).

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