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17/02/2022 - 20/02/2022

Piano Expo Piano Expo

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Species Counterpoint is an invitation to meditate on our kinship with the plant kingdom by highlighting the commonality and variations of our respective genetic codes. Counterpoint is a form of musical writing that consists of the organized superposition of distinct melodic lines. The installation Species Counterpoint features a player piano on which are played two melodies respectively obtained from the transcription of a plant and human DNA sequence. Based on the fact that plants and humans share 60% of their genetic material, this sound installation proposes to listen to a composition that celebrates this sensory community between plant and human organisms.

His work has been showed at Tate Britain (London, UK), at Palais de Tokyo (Paris, Fr), at Serpentine Gallery (London, UK) as well as numerous festivals such as Kikk (Namur, Be), STRP Festival (Eindhoven, Nl) and CCCB (Barcelona, Sp). Since 2015, he has been producing the quarterly radio show “The Edge of the Forest” for NTS web radio channel  – a program that gives a voice to the invisible world. In 2018, he founded Sound Anything in Paris, a studio dedicated to the creation of audible experiences.



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