Slime - Anastasia Guevel


21/04/2022 - 22/04/2022

Slime - Anastasia Guevel

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In this short preview of Anastasia Guevel’s new solo, a plastic, almost erotic symbiosis arises between the performer on stage and her digital alter-ego. With her neck tangled in the cables of her headphones and her body plugged into a computer, she almost drowns in the slimy substance that flows from her own back. She tries to swim but nothing seems to be able to keep her on the surface. She sinks peacefully into the depths, in the distance a voice full of questions: Do you prefer your left hand or your right hand? Which emoticon reminds you of your mother? Have you ever had sex with a computer? What’s that vibrating feeling in your pocket? Slime is an exciting exploration of the relationship between tactility and technology in post-digital times.
• Anastasia Guevel is a visual artist, dancer and choreographer who lives and works in Brussels. Her research explores the interfaces between artistic creation and philosophy, and questions the place of the body in the production of knowledge. Her recent projects, ranging from performances and installations to sculptures and care trajectories, seek to decentralize the human and blur the line between the living and the non-living. Her vision of different life forms has lead Anastasia to research consciousness expansion and alternative forms of attention. She is currently training in fasciapulsology, a hands-on practice that represents non-intentional relational touch. She is co-founder of the collective Forest de Soin and a member of the artistic cooperative En Archipel.

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