Symphonie Nr. 9 - Beethoven


18/12/2020 - 18/12/2020

Symphonie Nr. 9 -  Beethoven Symphonie Nr. 9 -  Beethoven

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It would be inconceivable in Beethoven's jubilee year, a celebration of his 250th birthday, to omit the Ninth Symphony – possibly the most iconic work in Western music. The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, which unites musicians from Israel, Palestine, the Middle East and Spain, is the ideal interpreter to lend a voice to Schillers' words – Alle Menschen werden Brüder – in concert with the European Youth Choir. The piece is conducted by the already legendary Daniel Barenboim, founder of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, and includes soloists of the highest calibre in artists such as Julia Kleiter, Waltraud Meier and René Pape. 

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