The Museum - Bashar Murkus / Khashabi Theatre


10/12/2019 - 11/12/2019

The Museum - Bashar Murkus / Khashabi Theatre

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A man commits a terrorist attack in a museum of contemporary art, killing 49 children and a teacher. His plan to commit suicide by cop fails, however. They arrest and interrogate him, resulting in a death sentence.
He waits on death row for seven years. A week before his execution, he convinces the police detective who was in charge of his case to join him for his last meal. The two men meet each other in the space where the lethal injection will be administered, where they play risky and manipulative games that could only take place on a final night. What meaning do these two men hope to find in the death that they both desire, each in their own way?
• Baskar Murkus is a Palestinian theatremaker and founder of the Khashabi Theatre and Ensemble. He previously presented New Middle East and Other Places at Kaaitheater.

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