Casa della storia Europea

Casa della storia Europea Casa della storia Europea Casa della storia Europea

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This free museum in the beautifully renovated Eastman building takes visitors on a journey along the path of Europe’s history and challenges them to contemplate its future. The permanent exhibition is based on fascinating objects from more than 300 museums and collections from across Europe and worldwide. An interactive tablet guides the visitor in each of the EU’s 24 official languages, from the early European myths and discoveries, to the chaos of the 20th century, followed by a growing feeling of unity and belonging. The House of European History provides visits perfectly tailored for schools, families and groups.

The permanent exhibition: The exhibition guides visitors through key moments of European history. First come the convictions and beliefs of the 19th century – when Europe reached ‘modernity’ – followed by a period of destruction and war, before the exhibition ends with Europe’s search for a new life and an increasingly united continent.

Education and learning: The House of European History has developed various educational programmes that guarantee a memorable experience thanks to interactive equipment, original and replica objects, presentations, multimedia, teaching materials, workshops and seminars. They encourage visitors to question and debate Europe’s history and its consequences for the world today.

An extraordinary location: The Eastman building – which was once a dental clinic for disadvantaged children – is an Art Deco gem. The building has been meticulously restored and houses, among other things, beautiful wall paintings depicting the stories of French author Jean de La Fontaine. It lies in the ten hectare Leopold park, a perfect place for a picnic or a relaxing break on a bench!

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