Cinéma Palace

Cinéma Palace Cinéma Palace Cinéma Palace Cinéma Palace

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This establishment has been awarded the Brussels Health Safety Label
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A new spot for art house films, local food and events in the center of Brussels.

Palace is intended to cater for everyone, from film buffs to professionals, along with visitors whose occasional trips to the cinema form part of a full programme comprising a dinner and a movie, followed by a drink to round off the evening.
Palace will open its doors to all the communities who breathe life into the centre of the city : the multicultural populations in the southern district, the schoolchildren in the Lower Town and the associative actors who see the cinema as a permanent force for education. And, as its entire infrastructure has been designed to welcome everyone without exception, Palace also invites visitors with limited mobility to experience the magic of the “Seventh Art”, ensuring that they have
unrestricted access.



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