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Only 200 m from Brussels Central Station, Futurist Games Brussels is a brand-new space of more than 200 m² dedicated to virtual reality.

Futurist Games welcomes you in a modern and out-of-the-ordinary setting, and offers a sensory and intuitive experience. The novelty of Futurist Games is that it has a dozen different virtual reality activities, with some pedagogical and cultural. Its catalogue is updated every month. The activities can be experienced alone or in groups thanks to the multiplayer mode.

Futurist Games has an exclusive offer. The range of activities on offer has been developed by a partner and Futurist Games is the only place in Belgium with the rights to these products.
Futurist Games Brussels is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 1 pm to 10 pm and from 10 am booking required.
Mondays are reserved for team-building activities.

Futurist Games makes this new technology accessible to all: from 7 years old, everybody can have a go at this extraordinary experience through a variety of activities, and for an affordable price.

New in 2020:

Futurist Games Brussels now has a new 300m² space with over 40 different virtual reality activities and now offers a "wireless" option, a revolutionary innovation in the field!

Everyone can try out this extraordinary experience through a range of diversified activities at an affordable price.

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