Hotel Amigo - Bocconi Ristorante


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Located in the heart of Brussels at Hotel Amigo, Ristorante BoCConi has become known as one of the best Italian restaurants in the Belgian capital.

The kitchen is overseen by the renowned Italian Maestro Fulvio Pierangelini whose philosophy is centered on simplicity being the most important thing in the kitchen. Like so many of today’s leading chefs, Fulvio is passing on his knowledge and expertise to other and acts as culinary advisor to Rocco Forte Hotels. Together with Igor Rosi, Executive Chef at BoCConi, he has compiled a menu that through their honest and authentic dishes represent an eclectic alchemy between Belgium and Italy such as the restaurant’s signature seared sea bass served with artichokes and Fulvio’s olive oil mashed potatoes.

Spacious and full of light, the interior at Ristorante BoCConi, is overseen by Rocco Forte Hotels’ Director of Design Olga Polizzi, is a mixture of timeless elegance with a touch of the contemporary. Deep blue walls adorned with Piero Fornasetti’s porcelain plates in contrast with the white tablecloths and Ettore Sotsass pop design pieces provide an intimate feeling while the terrace makes for the perfect place from which to watch the world go by.

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