Maza J

Maza J Maza J Maza J Maza J Maza J Maza J

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Lebanon is one of the smallest countries of the world but at the same time one of the most fascinating one! It's kitchen has been identified all over the planet as one of the best there is. It is especially by treating it's host to all these wonderful delights that Lebanese people express their generosity and their hospitality.
This s the reason why we developed Maza'j. To let you enjoy the taste of the real Lebanon.
Main course traditionally exist out of 3 METS (dishes to share), accompanied by a salad, olives, bread and yogurt.
One can enjoy a glass of ARACK, distilled out of raisins with an anise taste.
But also the extraordinary white and red Lebanese wines are perfect to savor during your meal.

In the discovery of the Mediterranean kitchen, the Lebanese is the one that combines the pleasure of all senses with real good food.


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  • Boulevard du Souverain 145
    1160 Auderghem
  • Cucine:
    • Carne
    • Libanese
  • Alloggi:
    • Terrazza
    • Giardino
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