Musée de la Médecine

Musée de la Médecine

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The ‘Musée de la Médecine de Bruxelles’ (Museum of Medicine) collects, studies, preserves and exhibits more than 15,000 objects of art and archaeology, dating back from ancient times until the present day. The museum has 8 exhibition rooms.

Its heritage, its guiding principle ‘Medicine in Art, History and Literature’ and its multidisciplinary academic approach that combines the insights of doctors and historians, make it unique both in Belgium and abroad. Recently, the museum even surpassed the massive number of 200,000 visitors! It organises exhibitions, guided tours, activities and participates in international research programs.

Services offered by the Musée de la Médecine

In addition to its exhibitions, the museum has an amphitheatre and several rooms available for conferences, congresses, temporary exhibitions, guided tours, activities, cultural and scientific meetings, debates, receptions, etc.
-The amphitheatre can accommodate 120 people (+ 60 people on the mezzanine level), and is equipped with WiFi, microphones and video projectors.

-The eight exhibition rooms offer the opportunity for more than 360 people to attend receptions, while they can also visit the various exhibitions.

- the ‘Grande Salle’, which is located on the first floor, illustrates the evolution of scientific thought. It can accommodate up to 20 round tables, each surrounded by 8 to 10 chairs for dinners, or up to 350 people standing for a reception.

- the ‘Salle Noble’, which is on the 2nd floor, is reserved for temporary exhibitions. The room can accommodate 100 people for a dinner party or 150 people for a reception.
These two reception or dining rooms provide access to 3 extensional spaces, which allows participants to move freely from one room to another.
All the rooms of the museum are connected to each other, which makes it possible to organise events for more than 350 participants

For the organization of receptions or dinners (only cold meals can be served in the form of buffets or table service), the approved caterers are ‘Huitrière-Eole’, ‘Chef chez soi’ and ‘Ose Conseils’.

Superficie Altezza Teatro Scuola Cocktail Buffet interpreti
Strutture per conferenze
Amphithéâtre 0 0.0 120 120 0 0
Mezzanine 0 0.0 60 60 0 0
Grande salle 0 0.0 0 0 350 200
Salle Nobel 0 0.0 0 0 150 100
Superficie (piedi) Superficie (metri) Altezza Porte
Strutture per mostre Larghezza Altezza

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